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In the search for their next Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Council president, Goizueta Business School students need only look as far as Agha Haider (25B). With a practical, student-centered outlook, Haider is prepared to help facilitate a long-overdue shift in the overall culture at the business school, expanding options and access to diverse opportunities and connections.

Haider presents a well-organized, straightforward platform through his campaign acronym “MAKES,” which builds on mentorship, advising, “Keep Emory Goizueta Social” events, entrepreneurship and spirit. Through these five focal points, Haider posits key solutions to the issues Goizueta students face. Within student government, Haider has served as BBA legislator on College Council and as College Council representative on the BBA Council, demonstrating his commitment to serving students through both organizations. 

During his interview with The Emory Wheel’s Editorial Board, Haider remarked how seeing several people close to him transfer out of Goizueta influenced his campaign. Haider is wholly invested in representing and hearing from all BBA students outside the silos of finance and consulting. He seeks to highlight the need for a more holistic approach to business to embrace truly diverse interests and ideals within Goizueta.

Haider plans on expanding opportunities for mentorship and alumni engagement within the business school by creating a more specific opt-in mentor-mentee matching program. This program will be tailored to match BBA students with professionals whose experiences reflect students’ backgrounds. By merging BBA and MBA social events to foster stronger cross-degree relationships, Haider is prepared to make the historically-isolating business school environment more inclusive. By establishing a new role, the vice president of belonging, he plans to ensure more students feel comfortable and involved in the Goizueta community.

Building on Goizueta’s already expansive opportunities for entrepreneurship, Haider aims to consolidate the University’s many resources into one streamlined, accessible reservoir, encompassing opportunities offered at The Hatchery and Goizueta classes. Haider also plans to foster community by establishing the Cohort Cup, a congenial competition where groups of students rack up points by demonstrating engagement in Goizueta events and programs. He proposes developing a five-year plan in conjunction with the BBA Administration and student organizations to create a fun and inclusive environment within Goizueta.

With all these plans in mind, Haider still recognizes the limitations of student government and acknowledges that some of his ideas may fail. While the BBA Council might not control every aspect of student life in Goizueta, Haider wants to capitalize on the channels of communication between the BBA Council, College Council, University administration and students themselves to ensure transparency from all parties. With the unexpected changes and subsequent reversal of BBA club policy in the fall, he stresses that strengthening communication and transparency would help prevent future extreme policy changes from happening again without the Council’s knowledge. Haider wants to stay flexible in his term, admitting that while his plans are realistic and achievable, he must stay dynamic and receptive to the student body’s needs and concerns.

Beyond his many accomplishments, including founding an educational nonprofit, producing a film and having extensive work experience, Haider is remarkable for the person he is — a genuinely caring and empathetic individual. In his interview with the Board, he mentioned a recent experience he had working with his nonprofit, [Name?], where he brought a timid kid out of their shell after noticing them on the periphery of the larger group. This tiny moment illustrates the kind, outgoing and genuine person behind his campaign. 

Haider’s well-thought-out plan of action, paired with his approachable, pragmatic nature, makes him an ideal candidate for BBA Council president. He brings the kind of down-to-earth, collectively-oriented attitude the business school truly needs. The Wheel’s Editorial Board urges students to support Haider in the upcoming election.

Editorial Board Editor Marc Goedemans (25C) and Asst. Opinion Editor Lola McGuire (26C) recused themselves due to a conflict of interest with Haider and were not involved in writing or editing this opinion.

The above editorial represents the majority opinion of The Emory Wheel’s Editorial Board. The Editorial Board is composed of Marc Goedemans, Sophia Hoar, Carson Kindred, Justin Leach, Eliana Liporace, Lola McGuire, Saanvi Nayar, Sara Peréz, Jaanaki Radhakrishnan and Ilka Tona.

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