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Being a leader in student government not only requires concrete ideas and thoughtful goals, but also the skills and willingness to get things done. Chase Wallace embodies this spirit. He is an avid decision-maker and a passionate leader, so The Emory Wheel’s Editorial Board endorses him for Emory University’s Oxford College Student Government Association (OxSGA) executive vice president.  

For Wallace — who is currently OxSGA’s vice president of the student concerns and Communications Committee — the petty bureaucracy and lack of urgency in OxSGA are its greatest hindrance. From mold in residence halls to insufficient support for students’ mental health, Wallace believes OxSGA must step into a decisive advocate role for Oxford students. He recognizes students’ dissatisfaction with the relative inaction of OxSGA, as well as its potential to be a driving force within the College. 

Wallace’s campaign is distinguished not only by its insightful critiques of the current student government at Oxford but also by its forward-thinking and actionable proposals to address these challenges. After a year in OxSGA, he is well-versed in its systems and processes and has already begun utilizing them to bring about new solutions. Wallace is currently leading a plan, in conjunction with the Oxford’s Office of Academic Affairs, to create an Emory-specific “Rate My Professors” system allowing students to provide input on classes. Such a system would allow for more open and accurate course feedback at Oxford, allowing students to have more information during course registration. 

Wallace’s background is marked by leadership roles within and beyond OxSGA, granting him a unique blend of experiences critical for navigating the complexities of student government. From leading discussions on dining hours reform to organizing a bible study group, he has demonstrated the ability to lead with integrity and conviction. 

The Board is particularly impressed by Wallace’s commitment to revamping the interclub council and mending the relationship between OxSGA and student organizations. The role of executive vice president consists primarily of handling club relations, and Wallace understands this. He says he wants to “start with clubs and then expand outwards,” evolving the role of executive vice president and working for increased action. 

In Wallace’s interview, his passion for student government and his vision for what it can achieve was unmistakably evident. His journey to executive vice president candidacy was not just a matter of filling a vacant role but a testament to his dedication and drive to make a difference. By instituting measures like OxSGA town halls and regular updates with students, Wallace has already begun making OxSGA more accessible, transparent and responsive to student’s needs. He understands the necessity of rebuilding trust with the student body through action and serving as a voice for their needs. Wallace sees his role as a mouthpiece of the student body in the ears of those with the power to institute real change. In his interview with the Board, he described OxSGA’s responsibility as translating students’ advocacy into tangible steps for the administration, taking the items they are calling for and urging the University to institute actionable initiatives. 

The Board urges Wallace to maintain his commitment to open communication and inclusivity, prioritizing that all voices within the student body are heard and valued. His approach to leadership, rooted in honesty and integrity, sets a positive tone for what we hope will be a purpose-driven tenure in OxSGA. 

With great confidence and anticipation, we encourage the student body to support Chase Wallace in the upcoming election, trusting him with the responsibility of serving as OxSGA vice president. 

The above editorial represents the majority opinion of The Emory Wheel’s Editorial Board. The Editorial Board is composed of Marc Goedemans, Sophia Hoar, Carson Kindred, Justin Leach, Eliana Liporace, Lola McGuire, Saanvi Nayar, Sara Peréz, Jaanaki Radhakrishnan and Ilka Tona.

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