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From the Emory Wheel, this is Wheel Talk — a podcast focusing on news surrounding Emory University. Tune in to hear about the most pertinent stories on campus, broken down by Wheel journalists.


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A new way to consume news.

We’re launching Wheel Talk to bring you the Emory stories that matter, in audio format. We want to share the viewpoints of students, faculty, and staff to keep you updated on what’s happening on campus. And during the pandemic, we’ll bring you stories from across the globe as students continue their college experience remotely.

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Episode 5: A Historic Week

In this episode, we talk with news reporter Caelan Bailey and Asst. News Editor Matthew Chupack about a historic week in America. We listen to Virginia Brown’s (23C) experience in the Senate chamber when insurgents stormed the Capitol and Professor of Political Science Alan Abramowitz’s breakdown of how Georgia elected its first Black and Jewish Senators.

Episode 4: The Most Influential Art of 2020

In this episode, we talk with Arts & Entertainment Editor Saru Garg and writers Jeffrey Rosen and Zimra Chickering about the most influential pieces of art from 2020. Listen for a breakdown of the best movies, TV shows, music and Emory art of this year.

Episode 3: All Eyes on Georgia

In this episode, we talk with News Editor Anjali Huynh about the presidential election, the future of the country with a Biden-Harris presidency and Georgia’s role in controlling the Senate. This podcast features interviews with Emory students, renowned political scientist Dr. Alan Abramowitz, sociologist Dr. Tracy Scott and political scientist Dr. Bernard Fraga.

Episode 2: The Spring Conundrum

In this episode we talk with news reporter Matthew Somekh about Emory’s spring plan, administrators’ reaction to student concerns and the detrimental mental health impacts of another semester without academic breaks.

Episode 1: Emory’s First-Time Voters

 In this episode we talk with Emory Wheel News Editor Ninad Kulkarni about first-time voters, the significance of voting in Georgia and student reactions to the thwarted University-wide Election Day holiday.

Meet the Producers

Gabriella Lewis

Gabriella Lewis

Multimedia Editor

Gabriella Lewis (23C) is from San Francisco, California, majoring in political science and women, gender, and sexuality studies. Outside the Wheel, she is involved with the Residence Hall Association and theater at Emory. She also enjoys national parks, eating ramen and telling people she’s from California.

Contact Lewis at [email protected].

Isaiah Poritz

Isaiah Poritz

Executive Editor

Isaiah Poritz (22C) is from Salt Lake City, Utah, majoring in political science. Outside of the Wheel, Poritz is a reporter for the Georgia News Lab, an investigative journalism collaborative. He previously interned at CBS News and the Salt Lake City Weekly. He is a die-hard Utah Jazz fan and he loves coffee.

Contact Poritz at [email protected]

Madison Bober

Madison Bober


Madison Bober (20C) is from Hollywood, Florida, majoring in political science and minoring in women’s, gender and sexuality studies. Bober previously served as managing editor. This spring, she is interning with the Brookings Institution.

Contact Bober at [email protected].


Becca Moszka

Becca Moszka

Multimedia Editor

Becca Moszka (21C) is from Boston, majoring in English and political science. Outside of the Wheel, she is a member of the Emory crew team and writes for Her Campus Media. In her free time, she likes to read, go on runs and make rather creative Spotify playlists.

Contact Moszka at [email protected]


Cailen Chinn

Cailen Chinn

Digital Media Chief

Cailen Chinn (22C) is from Boulder, Colorado, majoring in French and film & media studies with a management concentration. She is a member of Emory’s varsity swim team. She prides herself in her coffee addiction (which she documents on her Instagram account, @cailendrinkscoffee).

Contact Chinn and [email protected]