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SAF Hike Hurts BBA Students

The Student Government Association (SGA) recently voted to advance a bill that would increase the Student Activity Fee (SAF) from $95 to $110, a jump of 16 percent, for the next academic year. While there is certainly merit to...

Before Cancelling People, Consider Discourse

If anything unifies the increasingly divided Democratic party, it’s support for former President Barack Obama, who still holds approval among 97 percent of Democrats. However, Obama’s recent comments regarding “call-out culture”...

Sequels Can Surpass Originals

Sequels are not always lazy cash grabs. Sometimes they are successful additions to existing stories. “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit” slaps much harder than its predecessor because it showcases Lauryn Hill, the struggles of...

America Was Always Great

The idea that America ought to be made great again is oftentimes challenged by the assertion that America has never been great. While this stance could hold if the tenants of our modern moral paradigm are applied to the past, we...

The Emory Wheel Turns 100!

The Emory Wheel is celebrating 100 years of student journalism at Emory! Follow the link to learn more about the Wheel's history.

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