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The ghosttown of the South: Selma, Alabama

The Emory Wheel/ Noor Aldayeh Going 80 miles per hour in a zone where the speed limit was 25 miles per hour helped me to conceptualize the vast emptiness of Selma’s community. When I say vast emptiness, I am not referring to Selma’s history and the amazing people who call it home, but rather the [...]

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Flourishing as a Latinx woman at Emory

(Pixabay/Mohamed_Hassan) The concept of flourishing typically encompasses rapid growth and success. Yet I associate flourishing with strength and courage, particularly as a result of growing up in a highly “machista” region. To begin flourishing, it takes an incredible amount of strength to face the obstacles life presents. Personally, the pressure and pride of being one [...]

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Emory, reverse the opioid stigma and put naloxone in accessible first aid kits around campus

Creative Commons/PunchingJudy In 1995 prescription opioids took the U.S. by storm. As pain began to be treated as a fifth vital sign in American medicine, pharmaceutical companies began aggressively advertising their powerful new painkillers while doctors started prescribing them, spurring the opioid crisis that has only worsened in the nearly thirty years since then. Emory [...]

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