The Emory Wheel welcomes all members of the Emory community to submit op-eds. All op-eds should be submitted to the opinion editor for consideration.

Submissions reflect the opinions of individual writers and not of the Wheel editorial board or Emory University. Op-eds may be written on a subject of the author’s choice but must be grounded in fact. Please limit op-eds to 700 words.

You may submit letters or op-eds here.

Letters may be written to the Wheel as responses to specific articles or op-eds and should be limited to 300 words. These letters should be addressed to the community and not any one person. Submissions that are written anonymously or are previously published letters will not be accepted.

The Wheel reserves the right to decide which submissions to publish. All submissions become property of the Wheel and are subject to editing for grammar, punctuation, libelous content and length. We do not accept pieces that have been published on other platforms, including but not limited to other publications and social media. We also do not accept pieces submitted under an organization, but pieces can have multiple authors.

Once published, op-eds will not be removed. Editing will be performed in accordance with Associated Press and The Emory Wheel style guidelines. All submissions must contain the author’s name, hometown and University affiliation.

The Editorial Board.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, what you know or how you think, we strongly, strongly encourage you to apply! The best editorial boards draw strength from their diversity (intellectual, cultural, ethnic, ideological, and more), and that’s what we’re hoping to make ours this year. Contact opinion editor Ben Thomas at or assistant opinion editor Brammhi Balarajan at with any questions — we’ll be happy to help however we can!