New guidelines for Op-Eds, Letters to the Editor and Open Letter Submissions

The Emory Wheel welcomes all members of the Emory community to submit Op-Eds. All Op-Eds, which are pieces of opinionated commentary relevant to the Emory community, should be submitted in a Google doc to the opinion editors for consideration.

Submissions reflect the opinions of individual writers, whose names must be verified and will be published with the piece they write, along with any pertinent Emory affiliation. Op-Eds may be written on a subject of the author’s choice but must be grounded in fact. Please limit Op-Eds to 700 words.

Letters to the Editor may be written to the editors of the Wheel as responses to specific articles or Op-Eds and should be limited to 300 words. These letters should be addressed to the Emory community and not any one person. Submissions that are written anonymously or have been published already will not be accepted.

The Wheel also welcomes open letters. These letters make a statement that wouldn’t be adequately expressed by an Op-Ed, are signed by a significant number of Emory community members, including students, faculty, staff and alumni, and should be addressed to a party other than the Wheel, typically a public figure or group at Emory. As with Letters to the Editor, open letters should be limited to 300 words.

Please provide a link to a Google Doc with your submission to this form.


The Wheel reserves the right to decide which submissions to publish. All submissions become property of the Wheel and are subject to editing for grammar, punctuation, libelous content and length. Organizations may submit articles, and the piece will be attributed both to the organization and to the individual authors. 

Once published, articles will not be removed from the website. The Wheel will edit using the Associated Press and The Emory Wheel’s style guidelines. All submissions must contain each author’s name, hometown and University affiliation. 


The Editorial Board.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, what you know or how you think, we strongly, strongly encourage you to apply! The best editorial boards draw strength from their diversity (intellectual, cultural, ethnic, ideological, and more), and that’s what we’re hoping to make ours this year. Contact opinion editor Sophia Peyser at with any questions — we’ll be happy to help however we can!