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The Emory Wheel is Emory University’s only independent, student-run newspaper. The Wheel has been serving the Emory community since 1919. Today, the Wheel publishes content online daily and produces a biweekly Wednesday print edition that highlights the week’s most important stories.

The Wheel is composed of two departments: editorial, which creates all non-advertising content for the Wheel and includes the digital team, and business, which manages the paper’s finances.

To join the Wheel fill out this quick form: and an editor will reach out to you soon.


All sections are run entirely by
Emory students.


We are financially and editorially separate from the University.


The Wheel seeks students of all majors, schools and backgrounds.

If you’re interested in joining or submitting a piece to the Wheel, email the editor of the section in which you are interested. Please see descriptions of each section and respective section editors’ contacts below.



From Atlanta to campus, we cover everything Emory. Our award-winning News team gets behind-the-scenes access to campus and local events.

Contact News Editors Sarah Davis at and Matthew Chupack at

Emory Life

Emory Life is the go-to place for everything cool, relevant and informative about today’s campus, including feature stories, alumni profiles, best brunches and more.

Contact Emory Life Editors Oli Turner at and Xavier Stevens at

Arts & Entertainment

Calling all film buffs, art lovers and everything in between. If reviewing films and interviewing major artists is your thing, A&E is the place for you.

Contact Arts & Entertainment Editors Saru Garg at and Stephen Altobelli at 

Opinion & The Editorial Board

Opinion serves as an outlet for Emory community members to share their perspectives. If you’re interested in serving on the Wheel’s nationally recognized Editorial Board, click here.

Click here for instructions on how to submit a letter to the editor or op-ed.

Contact Opinion Editors Sophia Ling at and Yun Zhu at and Martin Shane Li at


The Sports section gets a locker room pass to Emory’s Division-III Athletics program, intramural sports and Atlanta professional teams to interview athletes.

Contact Sports Editor Michael Mariam at

Copy Editing

For those who are detail-oriented and grammar-loving, the Copy Desk is for you. Join the team responsible for making our articles accurate, clear and concise.

Contact Copy Chief Phyllis Guo at


Media & Digital Design

Whether it’s digital storytelling, podcasting, Tweeting or maintaining our website, our Digital team is pushing the envelope into the 21st century with creative design and relevant posts.

Contact Digital Operations Editor Gabriella Lewis at

Photo & Video

Share your talent behind the lens to cover campus events, curate photo essays and enliven our website.

Contact Photo Editors Jackson Schneider at


The Wheel’s business team is responsible for managing finances and advertising. Contact Business Manager Hunter Collins at for more information about the Business team.

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