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Flourishing as a Latinx woman at Emory

(Pixabay/Mohamed_Hassan) The concept of flourishing typically encompasses rapid growth and success. Yet I associate flourishing with strength and courage, particularly as a result of growing up in a highly “machista” region. To begin flourishing, it takes an incredible amount of strength to face the obstacles life presents. Personally, the pressure and pride of being one [...]

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Reclaim your life, be present

(Pixabay / dimitrisvetsikas1969) Powerlessness is pervasive. On those days where you feel like you can only exist in the spaces between meetings, appointments and lectures, the world seems like it moves too fast to find meaning in anything. Especially when coupled with burnout, a painful reality for many students, reclaiming a sense of control in [...]

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Dequantify your life

(Emory Wheel / Anusha Kurapati) Valerie is a junior at Emory, and she excels across the board. She set herself a lot of big goals as a first year, but all of the pieces have fallen into place. She aced her MCAT early, secured a lucrative gap-year job in San Francisco, maintains a GPA of [...]

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