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The Editorial Board is the official voice of the Emory Wheel and is editorially separate from the Wheel's board of editors.

The Met Gala — A Celebrity Symposium of Theatrics and Performance

(Wikimedia Commons/nrkbeta) Last week, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) stirred up controversy on both sides of the aisle over the dress she wore to the annual Met Gala, which donned the mantra: “Tax the Rich.” Ocasio-Cortez’s dress has provoked questions about her authenticity as a woman of the people, praise for her commitment to confronting the [...]

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Emory, Say No to Cop City

The Atlanta City Council sentenced a large swath of DeKalb County to environmental devastation on Sept. 8, all in the name of building the massive police training facility dubbed Cop City by activists and Atlantans. Now, the mayor and law enforcement celebrate their newest infrastructure. The story of the new training complex began in April [...]

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On reproductive rights, the U.S. continues to fall behind

(Wikimedia Commons / Barbara Lee) Following an all-out effort by feminist and women’s groups, Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that laws criminalizing abortion are unconstitutional on Sept. 7. The decision marks a major turning point for the predominantly Catholic country, one that signals shifting attitudes in some Latin American countries and globally in the battle for [...]

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Hurricane Ida exposes our inaction against climate change

(Wikimedia Commons / Louisiana National Guard) Last week, Hurricane Ida devastated Louisiana, displacing numerous families, leaving over a million without power and ravaging peoples’ livelihoods.  Although Hurricane Ida’s devastation is still raw to many living in Louisiana, their pains have been eased by a relatively successful disaster response plan. While the coordinated effort by the [...]

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Emory’s COVID response isn’t enough

(Pixabay/torstensimon) In the past week, the number of positive student COVID-19 cases on Emory campus has spiked. With 209 students testing positive and 141 in isolation, the situation is becoming more dire everyday. And since not all Emory students are regularly tested, the true number of cases is likely higher. Emory’s ambitious reopening plans have [...]

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