The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is the official voice of the Emory Wheel and is editorially separate from the Wheel's board of editors.

Emory Must Publicly Release Data on Stops and Searches, Budget Size

Finally, following years of reticence, the Emory Police Department (EPD) has released its use-of-force statistics of encounters with students on and around campus from the past five years. Yet the Emory community deserves more than the bumper sticker numbers it was provided. EPD must commit to full transparency by releasing more detailed data on the [...]

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Make Election Day an Academic Holiday

The 2020 general election will be uniquely dangerous. Not since 1918 have Americans gone to the polls amid an unmitigated pandemic. With American democracy under attack by COVID-19, voter disenfranchisement, foreign nations and the president himself, students must vote like never before. So, Emory administrators, we urge you to designate Election Day an academic holiday [...]

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For the GOP, Racism No Longer Exists

Abraham Lincoln is rolling in his grave. The Republican Party of his heyday, famed in its time and deceptively lionized in ours for ending race-based slavery in the U.S., is no more. Americans have never been forced to face that fact so directly and so harshly than during the slick audiovisual production also known as [...]

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Share Their Stories, Not Their Suffering

While Jacob Blake fought for his life from a hospital bed after being shot in the back seven times by a police officer, his sister addressed the press, saying, “Don’t be sorry because this has been happening to my family for a long time, longer than I can account for. It happened to Emmett Till. [...]

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Shut Georgia Down. Our Lives Depend On It.

On May 11, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp became the first governor in the U.S. to lift his state’s lockdown, igniting a bitter and regrettably partisan conflict between him and other state and local officials. On Aug. 18, a mere three months after Georgia reopened, the White House reported that the state has the highest rate [...]

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