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Students Say ‘Rest Days’ Aren’t Restful

In an effort to prevent student travel during the pandemic, Emory canceled spring break for the spring 2021 semester. In its place, the University implemented three “rest days” with no classes on February 17, March 16 and April 14. The Emory College Faculty Senate also passed a resolution recommending professors implement a “no assignment” week [...]

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Emory Reports Over 300 COVID-19 Community Compact Violations During Fall 2020

Emory University received over 300 complaints of students in violation of the COVID-19 community compact, according to a March 9 email to the Wheel from Senior Director of Communications in Campus Life Tomika DePriest.  The violations included failing to wear a mask, socially distance and test. The University estimates 280 students received warnings and “somewhere [...]

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Resident Advisors Overwhelmed by Newfound Obligations, University’s Insufficient Response

After navigating months of tumultuous COVID-19 updates, students returned to Emory campuses ready to make friends, start classes and regain a sense of normalcy. But less than two weeks into the school year, numerous resident advisors (RA) are exasperated: students blatantly ignore safety regulations and RAs are unprepared to enforce them. “Folks seem to be [...]

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