The Emory Wheel asked each candidate for Student Government Association President and Vice President, Oxford Student Government Association President and Executive Vice President, College Council President and Vice President and Bachelor of Business Administration Council President to submit a 150-word platform.

Elections will be held from Feb. 27 to March 1. Runoff elections will be held after if necessary. Join the Wheel at our 12th Annual Wheel Debates on Feb. 23 at 5:30 p.m. in MSC E208 to hear all candidates discuss their platforms and answer questions. Tune into the Oxford Debates on Feb. 24 at 11 a.m. at this Zoom link.

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Student Government Association


Jayden Davis

Hello! My name is Jayden Davis (he/him), and I am running to be your SGA President! As a student leader, I have become painfully aware of the large number of students at Emory whose challenges go unnoticed–both by admin and the SGA. Many of whom are struggling with mental health issues, a lack of resources, and a lack of support systems. When elected, my goal is to advocate for the underrepresented students on Emory’s campus. My platform for SGA President is centered around three ideals: enhancing mental health support, increasing SGA transparency, and reforming the current Title IX policies. It emphasizes advanced training for CAPS counselors, detailed communication of SGA activities, and community partnerships for survivor support. Further, I propose initiatives to improve campus inclusivity, academic flexibility, and engagement with the Atlanta community. For more information on my platform and experiences, visit Thank you in advance!

Abigail Dubinski

Hello! I’m Abigail Dubinski (she/her), a junior studying business and psychology and the current Executive Vice President of SGA. I am running to be your SGA President alongside Pranay Mamileti.
My firsthand experience with the gaps in student-administration and student-student communication drives my commitment and dedication to enhancing transportation services, peer advocate support, and dining and academic resources on both the Atlanta and Oxford campuses.
I aim to streamline processes and reduce hurdles to ensure a more fulfilling student experience. I can’t promise overnight transformations, but I will fight for incremental progress that enriches our college journey and makes lasting change.
Truthfully, college isn’t just about policies; it’s about memories. I am advocating for expanded and updated campus spaces and increased collaboration with Atlanta that resonate with student needs, ensuring the Emory experience is more inclusive and engaging. It’s a priority to show
students how our roles in SGA facilitate more accessible access to resources.
Let’s work collaboratively to make Emory a place of academic excellence and a community of meaningful connections. Together, we can build bridges for a better Emory.

Vice President

Pranay Mamileti

Hi everyone! I’m Pranay Mamileti (he/him), the current SGA Co-VP of Well-being, and I am running for SGA Executive Vice President alongside Abigail Dubinski.
To be completely honest, I didn’t enjoy being an Emory student at first. I felt other schools had more community and resources for students to take advantage of, and I was ready to transfer. But as I spent time in SGA, I learned that many common gaps in the experiences of my classmates and myself weren’t because the Emory community didn’t have the resources but because those resources weren’t accessible to students.
I’m running because I believe SGA has a responsibility to help bridge the distance between different corners of the Emory community. I promise to use the office of SGA Vice President to uplift student voices on campus and build bridges between students and different campus partners to create a better Emory for everyone.

Oxford Student Government Association


Kenan Bajraktarevic

Oxford, this year is not about how good the credentials your candidate has. I have over 5 years of SGA experience and have introduced the most bills among all the SGA first year senators; however, I don’t want that to be the premise of this campaign. I need us all to understand that this is more about how a candidate can fit the needs that the SGA has. Part of considering that is understanding which candidate understands the needs of the SGA in the first place!

I’ve spent significant time working with plenty of SGA committees, Oxford community members, students, and administrators; and one issue that has been brought up too many times is the fact that the SGA has flaws inside-and-out. The justification behind that is reasonable, and I admit that.

So this year, vote for you. Vote for me. You are Kenough. I am Kenough. WE ARE KENOUGH!

Executive Vice President

Kieran Rafferty

Hello! I’m Kieran Rafferty (he/him), running for OxSGA Executive Vice President. I have experience as a First Year Senator and currently serve as Attorney General. Every year, OxSGA requires leaders to facilitate student feedback, manage club funding, oversee student programming, and handle internal affairs. My platform focuses on fostering a closer relationship between OxSGA and the Oxford student body. As Executive Vice President, I aim to make OxSGA “for the students, by the students”, and enhance accountability while promoting an enthusiastic environment. Whether or not you vote for me, collaborative efforts between student leaders and the student body are crucial for effecting change at Oxford. I’m proud to be part of this change, and would love to further contribute as OxSGA Executive Vice President. Vote for me as Executive President of OxSGA for a student government that works for you.

Chase Wallace

Hello! My name is Chase Wallace (he/him), and I’m running to be your Oxford Student Government Executive Vice President. I am currently serving as VP of the Student Concerns and Communications Committee and served as a senator last semester. My work in OxSGA is always undertaken with relentless dedication and selflessness, whether addressing student concerns, improving communication between students and administration, or reinvigorating OxSGA’s efficiency. I’ve seen our Student Government lack timeliness and decisiveness when addressing urgent student issues, and I seek to restore this efficiency to OxSGA for the sake of the student body we represent. I will continue to serve you with transparency and accountability, always pushing for a better Oxford and a better student experience. You know what needs to be done, and you want it done well. For a year of effective changemaking and student advocacy, CHASE THE DREAM 2024!

College Council


Jannat Khan

My name is Jannat Khan, and I’m running for College Council President. With two years in the council, I’ve heard many views on CC’s potential. I’m all about taking these expectations seriously, and ensuring CC has a leader who gets things done.

My focus? Boosting accessibility for students with disabilities and unique health backgrounds, fostering interfaith and interpolitical dialogue, and advocating for all students on campus. I’ve worked in these realms in and outside of College Council, and I’m excited to collaborate with you to kick things up a notch. Cue the A3: Access, Advance, Advocate campaign—First, for a more inclusive CC, I will be working to make entry into the council easier. Further recognizing how insular student government can be, I also plan on formalizing legislative responsibility to engage with constituents, and adding perks to incentivize civic engagement from you. Email me at to connect!

Vice President

Finn Johnston

My goal as vice president is to bridge the gap between student organizations and the government that serves them. Student organizations have had trouble acquiring funding, communicating with CC, and meeting with the legislators who are supposed to represent them. Currently, AVP expectations are not outlined which has caused confusion and a lack of accountability from our executive branch. By clarifying executive and legislative responsibilities (as outlined in my bill: Bill 68CC56), I hope to create a more efficient organization. Likewise, I hope to continue the creation of new executive agencies. As someone who wrote the constitution for the Belonging and Community Council, I believe that many organizations will be better served by their own community rather than College Council. It is necessary to meet the community where they are at, rather than enforce archaic rules upon them. Receptiveness and flexibility are critical to my platform.

Finn Johnston was unable to submit a video before publication due to illness.

Bachelor of Business Administration Council


Aidan Baris

Hello! My name is Aidan Baris, and I am running for BBA Council President. As an SGA Representative on BBA Council, I have advocated for Goizueta students and contributed to the legislative process and programming initiatives. Through this experience, I have engaged with members of each divisional council as well as students from several different backgrounds and gained an understanding of student needs. I want to enhance the BBA student experience with my three-pronged platform: 1) build accessibility, 2) bolster transparency, and 3) foster community. At Goizueta, our greatest asset is each other and I would seek to help every student feel as though they belong as well as have access to both the opportunities and resources they need to thrive. Feel free to reach out to me via email or Instagram with any questions, commentary, or ideas. Thank you!

Agha Haider

My name is Agha Haider, and I’m running to be your BBA Council President for the 2024-2025 school year. Throughout my time at Emory, I’ve been committed to tackling issues and topics important to me both in and out of campus, specifically mental health and arts education. My campaign, Agha “MAKES” It Happen, focuses on looking at the business school more wholistically and ensuring that all students feel their interests are represented. Through my campaign, I plan on bettering the following five categories within the BBA program: Mentorship, Advising, KEGS, Entrepreneurship, and Spirit (“MAKES”). If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me anytime via email at or through Instagram. I’m excited to continue fostering the best culture on campus at the Goizueta Business School!

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