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Letter from the editors: Content warnings

Content warning: This piece contains references to suicide. To the Emory community,  Last Friday, the Wheel produced our yearly magazine, the Hub. This year’s magazine theme was accountability, with each article touching on a facet of accountability. One component of the theme is self-accountability. After an internal review of the production, we recognize and apologize [...]

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Letter to the Editor: Emory administration, you’re blind to student struggles. We need reform now.

Warning: The following article contains mention of suicide and depression.  Dear Emory University, How dare you. How dare you overlook your students. How dare you be blind to their struggles. How dare you cheaply refuse to provide adequate mental health resources when students pay thousands of dollars in tuition to receive them. How dare you [...]

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Letter to the Editor: Concerning President Fenves’s failure to respond to calls to remove Emory’s tributes to L.Q.C. Lamar and Robert Yerkes

Dear Editors, We are Emory University faculty, alumni and students. We write in protest of Emory’s continued celebration of historical figures who were leading figures of racism, slavery, antisemitism and eugenics. President Gregory L. Fenves has claimed to be committed to addressing these shameful elements of Emory’s history but has taken little meaningful action, despite [...]

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Letter to the Editor: Response to The Emory Wheel Article About the Endowment

We appreciate the recent article about the annual endowment report from the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) and want to provide the Emory community with additional context about the endowment and its performance during the 2020 fiscal year. The strength of the endowment allows Emory to recruit the best students, faculty, [...]

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Emory Sexual Assault Peer Advocates: Response to The Emory Wheel’s Editorial Board Article on Sexual Violence

Dear Emory community, The Wheel’s Jan. 18 editorial  sought to highlight the University’s ongoing response to sexual violence and the considerable gaps in services offered to survivors. The issues it raised are of great concern to our organization, and we agree there is much more the University and our community can do to support survivors [...]

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Emory Should Stop Honoring a Racist, Anti-Semitic Eugenicist

I am delighted that Emory University, where I teach, has worked tirelessly to eliminate racism and anti-Semitism. However, Emory has overlooked an egregious example. Emory’s Yerkes National Primate Research Center, on Emory’s Atlanta campus with over 500 employees, and a division of the prestigious Woodruff Health Sciences Center, is named for Robert Yerkes. As I [...]

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