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Dobbs Common Table Must Increase Halal Options

Picture this: it’s another Tuesday night, and I’m slowly dragging myself out of biology lab to go eat before a long night of studying in the stacks. As a practicing Muslim that only eats halal foods, my dining choices are...

Students, It’s Time to Stop Bashing Kaldi’s

Students at Emory love to hate on Kaldi’s Coffee for its prices, though they are certainly steep. The average espresso drink, latte or otherwise, will run you a bit more than similar drinks at competitors like Starbucks and Blue...

ResLife: Prepare Staff to Handle Misconduct

Take yourself back to your first semester at Emory. Try to remember the complicated emotions you experienced and the person who got you through them. For some, a roommate or friend from Orientation turned into their confidante....

Warren Effectively Tackles Racial Issues at Rally

Elizabeth Warren will never fully understand the plight of the black voter, and she wants us all to know. Along with nine other presidential candidates, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) arrived in Atlanta last week to participate...

SAF Hike Hurts BBA Students

The Student Government Association (SGA) recently voted to advance a bill that would increase the Student Activity Fee (SAF) from $95 to $110, a jump of 16 percent, for the next academic year. While there is certainly merit to...

The Emory Wheel Turns 100!

The Emory Wheel is celebrating 100 years of student journalism at Emory! Follow the link to learn more about the Wheel's history.

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