This is Within the Margins.

From the Emory Wheel, this is Within the Margins, exploring Emory University’s student culture and re-examining the University experience with students from historically underrepresented backgrounds. Listen in to discussions about student life, academia and the Emory experience.


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Meet the Producers

Gray Gao

Gray Gao

Podcast Host & Producer

Deanna Sharpe

Deanna Sharpe

Podcast Producer


Episode 5: The Wealth Gap at Emory

As class disparities rise in the United States, access to education continues to serve as a financial obstacle to low-income families. At Emory, a pronounced wealth gap creates significant deviations in students’ interactions with university resources, administration and their peers. Today, we are joined by students Elisabet Ortiz (24C) and Nicole Ramirez (23C) to discuss how these social, political, economic obstacles may continue even after low-income students are accepted into post-secondary institutions.

Episode 4: The International Community

Emory is home to more than 4,000 international students and scholars. The international community at Emory has grown by almost 25% in less than 10 years, and the contributions these students have made to Emory’s achievements are profound. In this week’s episode of Within the Margins, we sit down with students Ahmed Aljohani (22C) of Saudi Arabia, Simren Bhinde (24C) of India and Iris Li (24C) of China to discuss their experiences as international students at Emory. We dive into the challenges of being culturally understood, visa process challenges, the support that Emory provides and the cross-cultural perspectives their identities cultivate.


Episode 3: The Nonbinary Community (pt. 2)

What does it mean to be nonbinary? And how does Emory University simultaneously create space for nonbinary-identifying students to flourish, and create obstacles toward their free expression? In this week’s episode of Within the Margins, we sit down with Emory students Jai Barnett (24C) and Casey Cancilla (23C) to discuss their relationship with gender, including their perspectives on gendered extracurriculars at Emory, queer social life and the multifaceted and dynamic nature of identity.

Episode 2: The Nonbinary Community (pt.1)

With 1.2 million people in the United States identifying as nonbinary, Emory community members are no exception. In this week’s episode of Within the Margins, we sit down with Julian Currents to discuss their experiences being nonbinary and professor at Emory. Currents examines the difficulties and institutional boundaries that come with being gender nonconforming in academia.


Episode 1: Black Students from the South

In a city that’s 50% Black and a university that’s 10% Black, what does it mean to identify as a Black Southerner? In the premiere episode of Within the Margins, host Rachel Broun (23C) speaks with Timethius Terrell (24C) and Morissa Wisdom (24C), two Black students from Georgia. We dissect the rural and urban divide in the South, diversity at Emory and what it means to be a Black Southerner in a predominantly white space.