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College students will decide this election, vote!

This is a sponsored letter from VoteAmerica - a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to increasing student voter turnout. Dear Students, Let’s cut to the chase -  a lot of people have probably told you that you’re the future of our country. I’m here to tell you: they’re right. Young voters between the ages of 18-29 changed [...]

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Most Popular Sports to Play in College

Studying in college is not only about boring lectures and homework. Most students like doing different sports. They help keep their bodies fit and strong, which is very important for those who spend a lot of time behind a desk.  Also, sports help get distracted from the everyday routine or start the path of a [...]

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Getting Paid For Online Survey Reviews and is it Legitimate?

Almost every individual understands you can get rewarded to conduct survey reviews online. There are many reviews places to earn cash online. But, not each paid survey website is reliable, and some are extra profitable than others. Choosing the best-paid survey site can create a huge diversity, particularly because you won’t get adjusted for the [...]

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