1. Petite, tiny.

6. Very doable class.

7. To cost __ ____ and a leg.

8. Insincere but slick.

9. College slang for booze.


1. Red, Dead.

2. Comic specific to the West Pacific.

3. “Perfectly balanced __ ___ things should be.”

4. Line in a song.

5. Baby sheep.


1. Lukewarm; not very enthusiastic.

6. Dodge.

7. “Cleanup in ____ three.”

8. Assessed.

9. Home of “Super Metroid” and “Super Mario World.”


1. Rips; product of sadness.

2. Bougie bottled water.

3. Glue; copy and _____.

4. Present tense of doing nothing.

5. Proof of home ownership.

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