1. This prefix is seen to reference machines.

5. A word you may find for paper that’s lined.

7. Loved or hated; still, isolated.

8. Once played in attack, a West Ham left-back.

9. A rope one needs to guide noble steeds.


1. ___ la la, cheerful onomatopoeia

2. Swiss mathematician, also logician

3. Sugar and this spice makes everything nice

4. Po-boy-filled belly at this local deli

6. The boss of ECAS


1.Prefix essential to say self-referential.

5. Tropic Island waystation during Bahamas vacation.

7. A quip might be ended with __ ___ intended.

8. A group is tight when they _____.

9. A funeral fire is known as a ____.


1. A phrase used frequently (toxic masculinity).

2. Ivory’s pair, opposite of fair.

3. Mammal with a trunk, such as Baird’s, Mountain and Skunk.

4. Geometric term one sees, less than 45 degrees.

6. “Everybody all for ___, our real summer has just begun.”