Isaiah Sirois

Isaiah Sirois (19C) is from Naples, Fla., majoring in history. He previously served as the Wheel’s managing editor, and the Wheel’s Editorial Board won an SPJ Mark of Excellence Award during his term. He also works on the Wheel’s award-winning crossword team. Outside of the Wheel, he writes and edits for FantasyPros and works for the Atlanta Urban Debate League. He is also a Franklin Junto Fellow in the Program in Democracy and Citizenship and he serves on the executive board of Phi Alpha Theta. Sirois is an avid NASCAR fan and he will be a Team Penske supporter until the end of time.

Supporters of Open Expression Deserve Better Than the Emory Whig

The Emory Whig has billed itself as a platform for free and open expression, but it shouldn’t be afforded much space within Emory’s marketplace of ideas. Why? Not because the paper promotes controversial ideas, but because it does so ineffectively. The paper embraces hyperbole for hyperbole’s sake, which undermines the conversations it purportedly aims to [...]

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Retired New Yorker Editor Talks ‘Greek to Me’

Mary Norris’ “Greek to Me,” was released in April 2019/Isaiah Sirois, Managing Editor Under a vaulted ceiling, where an ochre cross hung above the well-polished wooden sanctuary, writer and editor Mary Norris joked with her audience about dodging the advances of Cypriot men to skinny-dip in the Baths of Aphrodite. “This is a church — [...]

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Crossword | Graduation Magazine

Click here for answers! Across 1. The Wheel’s message to seniors. 4. Second-in-command of College Council. 8. Slang; late-night pizza joint. 12. K-Pop band: “Ace of Angels,” “Miniskirt.” 13. Milk’s favorite cookie. 14. “___ __ my defense.” 15. Conjunction; except. 16. Marx, Lagerfeld. 17. Picture. 18. Commencement speaker. 22. Pro-Democrat Daily. 23. Graduate school standardized [...]

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Professor’s Play Pays Homage to Classic French Pantomime

Actors on stage before "The Tatischeff Cafe" debuts/Courtesy Ann Watson of Emory Photo and Video. Professor of Theater Studies John Ammerman sits at a table during rehearsals for “The Tatischeff Cafe.” In character, he places a small bag on top of the table, leaning a photograph of Marilyn Monroe against it. But it’s not quite [...]

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Peet’s Ownership Must Make Amends for Nazi Past

The next time you’re at death’s door while cramming in the Robert W. Woodruff Library, you may want to reconsider ordering that $4 blast of caffeine from Peet’s Coffee. The coffee chain’s controlling shareholders once profited from forced labor in Nazi Germany, according to a report by the German newspaper Bild. And until the company [...]

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