Aditya Prakash

Associate Editor | [email protected] Aditya Prakash (20C) is from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, pursuing a double major in neuroscience and behavioral biology and philosophy. He enjoys playing 16-bit indie games and arguing for his pronunciation of the word schedule. He half-jokingly aims to one day join The Onion or Clickhole, but until then he will continue to serve the Wheel.

No Laughing Matter: McManus Talks Clowns

At eight years old, Associate Professor of Theater Studies and Theater Emory Dramaturg Donald McManus began his acting career at the Montreal Children’s Theatre in Canada, a decision that led to his participation in more than 100 shows in his career. The Montreal Children’s Theatre doubled as an agent, procuring gigs for actors in the [...]

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A Look Inside Emory’s New Dining Facility

Warm, exposed wood panelling adorns the new Dobbs Common Table (DCT), and its palatial spaciousness is a stark contrast to the carnival-esque claustrophobia of the DUC-ling. Unlike the cramped confines of the interim dining center, or the awkward, stair-laden spread of the original Dobbs Market, there is far less shortage of seating. Rounded sofa booths, [...]

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Crossword | Graduation Magazine

Click here for answers! Across 1. The Wheel’s message to seniors. 4. Second-in-command of College Council. 8. Slang; late-night pizza joint. 12. K-Pop band: “Ace of Angels,” “Miniskirt.” 13. Milk’s favorite cookie. 14. “___ __ my defense.” 15. Conjunction; except. 16. Marx, Lagerfeld. 17. Picture. 18. Commencement speaker. 22. Pro-Democrat Daily. 23. Graduate school standardized [...]

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Crossword | 4.23.19

Click here for answers Across 1. This prefix is seen to reference machines. 5. A word you may find for paper that’s lined. 7. Loved or hated; still, isolated. 8. Once played in attack, a West Ham left-back. 9. A rope one needs to guide noble steeds. Down 1. ___ la la, cheerful onomatopoeia 2. [...]

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Switch Off From Studying: The Best Free Games to Waste Your Time

As finals week rears its ugly head, common coping mechanisms, like binge-watching TV shows or playing video games, are running rampant. For procrastinators who direct their attention to the latter, the Nintendo Switch is equipped with a wide variety of “byte”-sized avenues to ease your mind of the stressors of school life. This list will [...]

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