1. You’re it!
4. Along with Goyle, goon of Draco Malfoy.
10. Japanese Prime Minister.
11. Low-pitch, high-pitch singer.
12. BMW parent company.
14. Caribbean island chain and tax haven.
15. To have delayed a schedule.
19. __ __ to win it.
20. New York preparatory school, recently admitted just 7 black students into next year’s class.
22. Indian Nobel laureate in economics lauded for his work on social welfare theory.
23. Gulf ruled by Somali pirates.
24. The land down under, abbreviated.
26. California school involved in admission scandal; Bruins.
30. Prefix meaning earth.
31. Sci-fi TV show with iconic, spooky opening theme.
35. Married partner.
37. Everybody’s favorite skeleton.
38. To break with teeth.
39. Greek Hosts of the Symposium.
41. Crime Serial with Los Angeles and New Orleans spinoffs.
42. Spanish uncle.
43. To have travelled on a vehicle.
45. Graduate neuroscience; to apprehend.
47. D.C.-based university involved in admission scandal.
53. Pagan Christmas.
54. Crucial moment in film.
55. Antiquated arithmetician.
58. Enthusiastic consent.
59. Send me a URL.
60. Bank-Owned Property after unsuccessful foreclosure auction.
61. Easy come, ____ __.
62. Emory email ending.

1. _____ Tuva, former USSR region on Mongol-Russian border.
2. What Juno has in “Juno.”, with an article
3. Site of 1940s human rights conventions.
4. ___, wouldn’t want to be ya.
5. 2 characters in “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.”
6. College enrollment pre-requisite.
7. Country-singer known for “Promise to Love Her.”
8. West African country bordering Nigeria and Togo.
9. Long ago.
12. Many MDs.
13. Psychological research method to track implicit bias.
14. Alternate initialism of America’s hat.
16. Sonic; niche pet.
17. Formal name of international orientation.
18. Really small.
21. To hide from the IRS.
25. Flying saucer.
26. California school involved in admission scandal; Trojans.
27. Emergency resuscitation method.
28. ___ Gehrig’s disease.
29. Lori Loughin on Full House.
32. Business structure similar to proprietorship, partnership.
33. Represents all electrical companies in the country.
34. Prefix for computer-managing admin.
36. Genre, ___-fi.
39. Richard Nixon’s Futurama catchphrase.
40. Ripped.
44. Sad donkey, friend to Christopher Robin.
45. African river rival to Ancient Egypt.
46. Rickman, Turing, Scott, Krueger, Sugar.
48. Medical first-responder.
49. To reprimand, past tense.
50. Good reaction to a bad joke.
51. ___ is me.
52. Atomic bomb testing location.
53. Only Ivy League school involved in admission scandal.
56. Image.
57. Process to improve content’s rank on Google.