Although a vested myth in American culture, this past Friday the 13th will forever live in infamy to those who witnessed the Spanish become victims of redemption. In what was widely considered the worst loss by a defending champion in FIFA World Cup history, Spain suffered brutal attacks from the Netherlands during the first game of Group B on their unlucky Friday the 13th.

The match had a promising start for the Spaniards after Xabi Alonso drilled a penalty goal during minute 27, as a result of Diego Costa being tripped. Starting at minute 44, however, Robin van PersieArjen Robben or Stefan de Vrij scored a goal approximately every 10 minutes, leaving the scoreboard at 5-1 for the Netherlands. ESPN’s auto replay of Netherlands’ first goal was not sufficient to fully encapsulate the events that had Robin van Persie airborne, scoring a header into the net.

The Netherlands received three yellow cards during the soccer match on Friday, suggestive of their aggressive play.There were not nearly as many as the eight they received during the 2010 FIFA World Cup final against Spain, where Spain defeated the Netherlands 1-0. Spain’s strategy also paved the way to the last two European championships, but their high defensive line worked against them on Friday. It took away from their offense and left them susceptible to attack. At times, it appeared as though they were gently passing the ball back and forth to the most convenient player, not taking chances by ferociously driving the ball across the field in order to score.

My enthusiasm for the team I had pledged my allegiance to waned after Arjen Robben scored Netherlands’ third goal. My only consolation at that point, and possibly the consolation of millions of women worldwide, was admiring Shakira’s baby daddy, the tall and handsome Gerard Piqué (one of Spain’s defenders).​

– By Maria Berce