It’s like I’ve been avoiding Starbucks, thinking to myself maybe if I don’t show up to do work, not the way I used to, maybe if I hide in my room or maybe if I go elsewhere, maybe I might not get dragged in. I listen to music to distract me, not to motivate me. I walk around campus; I drive around campus a few times before I end up parking on the very top of Peavine because it will take me a few extra minutes to get down to real life. Why is it hot and cold and hot and cold? I’m inside or I’m outside and I never know when it will be warm enough or shiver weather. I come out of a too long too late senior seminar in the basement with no windows, and I can’t find the door of a building I know well because why is it dark outside?

What is it about Blackboard that is so annoying to me?  I can’t put my finger on it, but I know I’m going to have to get over the frustration in order to discover the PE course I’ve been enrolled in electronically, to read articles about yoga instead of … doing yoga.  We get into the yoga and I’m so busy being annoyed about Blackboard and the fact that I’m a senior in a PE class that the hour passes me by.  I fall asleep in corpse pose because it’s been days since I rested. 100 miles per hour, and maybe that’s senior year, maybe that’s just me.  It’s sort of fun, though.  Maybe you should try it.  Drive around.  Walk the long way, even when they’re not cutting down trees on Asbury circle like they want us to be late to class.  Hey, that’s a good excuse, isn’t it?

By Chloe Olewitz