It’s been nearly over a year since meeting up with people without the fear of contracting a deadly respiratory virus, and so it’s a given that our social lives are not as intact as they once were. Since last March, everyone has had to cultivate new, virtual hobbies to adapt to the online world, but there is only a limited number of choices. After much trial and error, here is a list of the most amusing online activities to cope with social isolation while staying connected with friends. 

Who’s most likely to

First gaining popularity as a trend on the social media platform TikTok, the predictive questions game “who’s most likely to” is a memorable way to pass time with close friends, even when hundreds of miles apart. To play, use Google forms or any other survey softwares to create a series of “who’s most likely to” statements that predict answers for who in the friend group is most likely to be involved in a specific prompt. Some examples include “Who’s most likely to get arrested?” or “Who’s most likely to give bad advice?” This light-hearted activity will guarantee laughter from everyone, especially if you look at the results together through Zoom or Facetime — you’ll see exactly how well your friends know you.

Karaoke night

With indoor karaoke venues still closed, unfortunately there’s no place to belt out your favorite songs with friends. Fear not, you can try a virtual Karaoke night! Using the screen-sharing function on Zoom, singing your lungs out has never been easier. If you want to spice it up a bit, find a hairbrush to use as a fake microphone or get intense with some dance moves. Despite the occasional audio lag and technical difficulties, friends can still partake in a bit of chaotic fun.

Illustration by Ulia Ahn

PowerPoint party

Hosting a PowerPoint party is another entertaining way to spend time with friends virtually. Have each person in your friend group present a PowerPoint on their topic of choice, preferably on something eccentric and niche. Present on your most embarrassing experiences or even your 2000s celebrity crush — this is the perfect opportunity to let the inner Zac Efron obsession shine. These presentations are not for serious talk, so it’s encouraged to create silly presentations and use your best humor to get the point across. A party like this almost never fails to brighten anyone’s night. 

Virtual workout session

Staying fit during quarantine can be a hassle, but it can be made easier if friends are just as committed. Have one person come up with a few exercises for everyone to follow, play some motivational music and sip on plenty of water. If you and your friends are a little less experienced, screen share a few tutorials, and you’ll have finished Chloe Ting’s two-week ab challenge before you know it! Here is the link for reference:


Out of all the activities, my all-time favorite is the PowerPoint party, as it transports my friends and I back in time and relive our childhoods. Through online activities, ranging from games like “who’s most likely to” to more productive activities like virtual fitness sessions, it’s promised that you and your friends will have a blast. It’s time for some quarantine fun. 

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Esther Kim (24C) is from Queens, NY, heavily leaning towards a sociology major. Outside of the Wheel, she enjoys exploring restaurants around Atlanta, and taking naps.