Author: Esther Kim

Essential outfit accessories for a fresh fall start

Just like that, the fall season is upon us. Atlanta weather has become quite chilly, and the drop in temperature has made it nearly impossible to continue wearing shorts and T-shirts. Yet sometimes, thicker clothing is more difficult to style. To stay warm this fall, accessorize your outfits with these suggestions, and you’ll be sure [...]

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Fall food must-haves

With the new school year upon us, the unfortunate end of summer has also arrived. However, when the leaves turn to fall, it means new menus all around. As we dive into the beginning of autumn, there are several foods and drinks perfect for this season, all found at chains in close proximity to Emory’s [...]

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Five underrated dorm essentials

After over a year of distant learning, the thought of returning to residential life on campus may seem foreign. If you feel like you’re missing a dorm essential but can’t figure out what, you probably are. But, here is a list of a few items that aren’t commonly mentioned though will definitely prove to be [...]

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A Freshman’s Perspective on Navigating College

College at first glance seems incredibly intimidating — at least for me it did when I started this past fall. Moving down South and homesickness were just two problems I faced, not to mention adjusting to online classes. But by second semester, I found my rhythm and discovered how to successfully navigate college. Here are [...]

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Kirwan’s Kitchen, A Rising Baked Goods Business

Confined to our homes, many of us weathering the pandemic have taken on a wide range of skills and hobbies. Yet, few of us can say that our newfound passions have turned into a business like Kirwan Carey (23C).  Just three weeks ago, balancing a double major in political science and English as well as [...]

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