To the Emory community,

Over the past 48 hours, Emory students, faculty and staff have been confronted with upheaval and apprehension. On Wednesday, the University announced it will transition all classes to online and requested all students return home by March 22. 

The decision comes as the world succumbs to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and our country’s own tribulations begin. The homes and livelihoods of many of our community members have become uncertain.

We are writing this letter to inform our readers that, as a result of the University’s transition, the Emory Wheel will cease print operations for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester and transition to exclusively digital content. 

Though our own transition will not be without hardship, there exists a pressing need for forthright and accurate journalism now more than ever. 

As the only student-run and independent paper serving the Emory community for the past century, we remain committed to fact-finding and holding those in power accountable. 

We ask for your continued support and patience during this time. Stay informed through our website, social media and weekly newsletter. The Wheel, and the Emory community, will persevere.


Madison Bober, Editor-in-Chief

Isaiah Poritz, Executive Editor