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For the next two weeks, Mercury is moving into Aries, and you will be feeling inspired, creative and impulsive. Speak your mind this week, because your ideas will be well received.



Your artistic and imaginative side will be fully present this week, Taurus. Try working your brain in new ways to take advantage of this changed perspective.



You will be feeling like a leader this week, which is great since your social nature connects you to many different groups. Schedule in some extra time for friends and activities.



Your career should be the central focus for you this week, Cancer. You will be very persuasive when it comes to asking for new positions or membership to a new organization.



With Mercury in Aries for the next two weeks, you will be feeling a strong sense of adventure. Take time to plan an exciting day trip, or spend a weekend trying unfamiliar things!



Communication is key for you this week, especially when it comes to your love life. Be open to starting a conversation with someone that you would not ordinarily speak with.



Opposites attract should be your mantra for the week. If you have been searching in the same place for a result, try looking somewhere entirely different, and you may find what you need.



You might be feeling like a bit of a troublemaker this week. Mischievous Mercury is giving you both the creativity and wit to pull off the ultimate prank. Act wisely.



Your emotions will be running high, but in a positive way. Use this week to express yourself to friends or love interests. Your honesty and heart will resonate strongly with others.



You will be feeling a close connection to home this week, Capricorn. Focus on your closest relationships and strengthen them. Empathy will help you build strong connections.



Passion is driving you this week. If you don’t already have a project you feel strongly about, get out there and look for a new activity. This week will lead to a lasting obsession.



Weighing costs will be important for you this week, Pisces. Whether the costs are financial or physical, do not overextend your resources if you can avoid it.

– By Celia Greenlaw