Anusha Ravi, College ’15

What exactly is the Political Science major?

The Political Science major is a compilation of classes that strive to educate on political systems, governments, public policy and political behavior, both in the United States and abroad. The major consists of one course in each of four broader categories (American, International, Theory, Comparative), a Statistics course and four electives.

Why are you majoring in Poli Sci?

I’ve always been really interested in politics and current events, especially American politics. I feel that politics are often overlooked or degraded in our society, and I think it’s incredibly important to be informed on the issues and the decision-making process. I personally wanted a better understanding of the role that politics plays in everyday life to be a more informed citizen and to be able to knowledgeably advocate for issues I find important.

What are you looking to do with your Poli Sci major after graduation?

Right now, I’d like to attend law school after a few years off from school. But I’m still deciding!

Are all Poli Sci majors pre-law? Do you need to be a Poli Sci major to be pre-law?

Not at all to both questions! There are many different career paths to enter with a Political Science degree, and law is only one of them. On the other hand, you can go to law school with any degree as long as you take the LSAT and have strong reading, writing and critical thinking skills.

What has been your hardest class in the major so far?

Constitutional Law with Walker is a great class, but his tests are tough.

What’s been your favorite class in the major so far?

I love environmental policy, so I would highly recommend either of Tracy Yandle’s environmental policy classes.

Are there any unique experiences you’ve had because of Emory’s Poli Sci department?

Alan Abramowitz of the Political Science Department is nationally known for accurately predicting elections every year using a complicated regression model. I got to take his class last semester during an election year, so that was pretty awesome.

Is the major just a lot of reading and arguing? 

It’s a ton of reading, but there’s definitely more writing than arguing. Arguing plays a big role in a lot of classes, but there’s no reason to shy away from a Poli Sci class because of stage fright.

What’s the hardest thing about being a Poli Sci major?

A lot of readings and assignments simply yield no correct answer, and that’s hard for me to grasp. It’s important to keep in mind as a Poli Sci major that the process of learning is sometimes more important than the actual “answer” or “result.” However, I get impatient without tangible answers and results.

What’s been the best thing about the Poli Sci major so far?

Being able to (somewhat) knowledgeably discuss real world issues inside of the classroom. I feel like the Poli Sci major is one of the most applicable to life outside the collegiate bubble, and I really value the discussions I’ve had in class about the most salient political issues or ideas of our time, like the economic recession, Obamacare, the social effects of America electing the first black president, the shooting of Trayvon Martin, etc.

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