Students usually do part-time jobs, fill out online surveys, or freelance to get some extra cash. But there are other ways, too. Gambling should not be considered a stable source of revenue, but now and again, it can bring you some cash. What’s more, if you become good at gambling, it can be a career path. Here are some essential strategies that can help you get some more money through online casinos.

Play Safe – Choose Low House Edge Games

Anyone who is not an experienced gambler should probably stick to low-house edge games, specifically video poker. You should start with low bets before you get a hang of it, and if you follow closely, you might even improve your odds. There aren’t many strategies you can use here, apart from that. However, there might be AI tools that can help with decision-making and tell you the odds of scoring big based on the remaining cards in the deck.  

Rely on Basic Strategies – Roulette and Baccarat

Roulette and Baccarat also have a low house edge, and there is an easy-to-remember tactic that works on these games. The goal in roulette is to make those 50/50 bets (red/black, high/low, odd/even) and double your bet whenever you lose. This way every win automatically covers all of your losses, while a win streak is a pure profit. A similar rule applies to baccarat when you should only choose the banker or player option.

Since in both cases you have 2 betting options, the pattern you should use when playing is the following: 

  • Bet 1- Option 1 
  • Bet 2 – Option 1
  • Bet 3 -Option 2 
  • Bet 4 – Option 2

Repeat this pattern. 

Pick Casinos with Instant Cashout

This isn’t a gaming strategy, but it’s still an important element. Find a reputable and licensed casino, to know you are safe and playing on a fair platform. The other important feature is fast withdrawals. Just look for operators on the instant cash out list, as these are certified and support an array of modern payment methods. Make sure to read full reviews to know what kind of bonuses or freebies are up for grabs.

Use Bonuses to Gamble Risk-Free

When you sign up with a casino operator, you will get a chance to claim a promo. Don’t do this if you haven’t read the terms of the promotion. Ideally, you want a bonus with low or no wagering requirements if you wish to gamble risk-free. This means it’s easier to turn that bonus cash into withdrawable cash if you win. For context, any promo that has playthrough terms under 20x bonus amount is considered a low wager bonus.  

Use Card Counting in Live Blackjack 

Blackjack is the only game where you can improve your odds and possibly win against the dealer. To do this you’ll need to learn the perfect blackjack strategy, or just have the chart open on your phone to know how to bet. You’ll also need to learn how to count cards and adjust your decisions based on what cards remain in the shoe. So, start with lower bets until the shoe is depleted to 50% or more. 

This is only possible in live dealer games, as the cards that were in the deck won’t get re-shuffled. So, pick a Canadian live casino and select a blackjack game that has more players at the table. This will allow for a quicker deck penetration at a lower cost. 

Play Live Bingo in Empty Rooms

In live bingo, you compete with other participants, so whoever gets bingo first wins. If you pick rooms with a lower player count, then the chances of someone else getting a bingo are reduced. Once again, you need an operator who hosts live bingo games, and you should only play when the play count is low. 

Play Instant Win Games

Many software companies are innovative and looking away from traditional casino game design. They are now inspired by retro mini-games and trying to adapt them into viable gambling experiences. This led to the creation of a new category called Instant Win Games or Mini Games. Here are some examples of what you can find in this category.

  • Crash games – Aviator, Dino, and Jet X are all crash games where you need to cash out your bet before it’s all gone. 
  • Chicken – A unique guessing game where you adjust the risk and reward
  • Pinko – Your bets turn into balls and they fall into buckets with random multipliers
  • Mine Sweeper –  An iconic title where you try to avoid the mines. 

Not only can these be more fun for students, but they often offer better odds of winning. A lot of these were inspired by cryptocurrencies and their volatility. So, many crypto casinos will host some of these instant-win games. If you have a crypto-wallet then you might want to look for these operators. 

Focus on Slots with Useful Features

Casual players aren’t too concerned with probability or any strategy when they play luck-based games. Experienced players on the other hand love to explore different angles and play around the RNG. You can never tell whether you’ll start to transition from a casual into a more strategic player, and if that happens you will be glad that you’ve picked a casino with certain features.

  • Bonus Buy – These are online slots where you can immediately buy bonus rounds. Many slots offer high returns during their bonus round, but getting there is tricky. So, it’s sometimes more prudent just to buy bonus spins and play with higher win probability and higher winning multipliers.
  • Hot drop jackpots – These are jackpots that need to happen in set time intervals, like every 60 minutes, every 24 hours, every week, etc. If the jackpot is still active and the hour or day is about to expire, you will want to play that game. This means that the jackpot has to drop in the next few minutes, and therefore, your chances of winning increase.   

Currently, these are the best slot features that you can use if you wish to play around the RNG. Who knows, maybe new ones will be added down the line. 

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