Noah Whitfield

Noah Whitfield (20C) is from Johannesburg, South Africa, majoring in creative writing and minoring in Spanish. His interests include making music, writing scripts and watching movies. Contact Whitfield at [email protected]

Blumhouse’s ‘Nocturne’ Is a Spooky Head Trip

While we continue to quarantine, Blumhouse Productions and Amazon Studios are keeping the Halloween spirit alive this year with their four-film project, “Welcome to the Blumhouse.” The third film in the series, “Nocturne,” is now available to stream on Prime Video. If you’re tired of the cliche jump-scare fests that have taken over the horror [...]

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‘A Beautiful Day’ Teaches You How to Love Your Neighbor

Lacey Terrell/Sony Pictures Entertainment “OK, boomer,” one might say after hearing about how wonderful and iconic Fred Rogers was back in the day. Most young people today didn’t grow up watching “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” on the Public Broadcasting Service and don’t get what the big whoop is about. But after sitting in a theater with [...]

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A&E Staff Chimes in on the Marvel Debate

  Tony Stark floats in space. /IMDB As the editor of the Arts & Entertainment section of the Wheel, it’s my responsibility to ensure that our writers contribute to conversations in the art world. Recently Martin Scorcese, Pedro Almodóvar and Jim Jarmusch, among other renowned filmmakers, made dismissive remarks toward Marvel films. In particular, they [...]

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C.W. Stoneking Is the Unexpected Hero of Southern Blues

Courtesy of C.W. Stoneking Bringing passion and humor to the stage, Australian blues singer-songwriter C.W. Stoneking performed an electrifying setlist at the Mammal Gallery on Oct. 6. Stoneking’s gravelly voice and metallic guitar notes cast a spell on the audience of about 50 as soon as he took the stage in his all-white outfit.  Stoneking [...]

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