Noah Whitfield

Noah Whitfield (20C) is from Johannesburg, South Africa, majoring in creative writing and minoring in Spanish. His interests include making music, writing scripts and watching movies. Contact Whitfield at [email protected]

‘Isn’t It Romantic’ Empties Bag of Tricks Too Early

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures The first 30 minutes of “Isn’t It Romantic,” a romantic comedy released on Valentine’s Day, are worth seeing. But don’t expect to be blown away by the rest of it. The film is adequate for date night and recommendable for anyone who enjoys meta-comedies with both tween-friendly and overtly mature [...]

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Dooley’s Players Reimagine ‘Pillowman’

Dooley’s Players’ radio performance “Pillowman: On the Airwaves” is not for the faint of heart. This dark comedy, the first of its kind to be broadcast on Emory’s student-run radio station WMRE, pulls viewers in to piece together a disturbing murder mystery. A collaboration between WMRE and Dooley’s Players, “Pillowman” follows the interrogation of crime [...]

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Silvestri’s Dark and Witty Style Lightens the Mood

Comedian Max Silvestri, known for his appearance on Netflix’s “The Comedy Lineup,” walked onto the Harland Cinema stage on Nov. 14 to an audience of about 35 students, who barely filled the first five rows of seating. Silvestri’s set was a slow burn, but a satisfying one. The performance was about 45 minutes longer than [...]

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