10. The Top Five Drinking Games, in No Particular Order, For Those Over 21: A shout-out to Copy Chief Sonam Vashi, who taught our readers about the best drinking games to play at parties – of course, only for those older than 21.

9. Fraternity Houses, Sports Fields to Be DemolishedApril Fools! Looks like the Wheel managed to fool a number of our readers on April 1 with an article stating that two fraternity houses were going to be demolished on campus to make way for railroad construction. Don’t worry: We made sure to clarify the falsity of the story. (Note: The name “Lirpa Sloof” is “April Fools” backwards.)
8. Emory to Remove Chick-fil-A From Cox HallIn a move that Emory University says was not politically motivated, Emory decided to remove Chick-fil-A from the Cox Hall food court based on student feedback. “What we learned was that there was no great affinity or love for Chick-fil-A,” said David Furhman, senior director of Emory’s Food Service Administration.
7. Faculty Censure Wagner, Consider No ConfidenceAfter the publication of his controversial article titled “As American as… Compromise” focusing on the Three-Fifths Compromise, faculty members decided at a February 2013 meeting to censure Wagner as they considered holding a “no confidence” ballot.
6. Phi Delt Placed on Interim Suspension, Investigated for Alleged HazingPhi Delta Theta fraternity was placed on interim suspension in June this year as the University investigated claims that members engaged in hazing practices during the spring. The University revealed little about the investigation at the time, but did acknowledge that this was the second time the fraternity was being investigated that year.
5. Controversy Arises Over Wagner’s ColumnIn February, the Wheel took an in-depth look at the controversy spurred by University President James W. Wagner’s column about the Three-Fifths Compromise published in Emory Magazine, which prompted local and national criticism.
4. Ten Fictional Deaths That Broke Our HeartsFormer Managing Editor Roshani Chokshi (’13C) explored 10 character deaths in fictional stories that brought us to tears. Among them were Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web and Mufasa from “The Lion King.”
3. Lamar to Perform at Dooley’s WeekThe Student Programming Council announced that rapper Kendrick Lamar would be performing during the 2013 Dooley’s Week in April to the excitement of many students.
2. Former Emory Professor Sues University for Alleged Discrimination in Tenure CaseH. Erik Butler, former assistant professor in the Department of German Studies, is suing Emory, alleging that administrators engaged in discriminatory practices when they fired him in 2010. Both the AAUP and EEOC have supported Butler in the case.
1. University Removes Phi Delt for Hazing, Rejects Fraternity’s AppealIt became official in late July that Emory was suspending Phi Delt for four years. A student conduct investigation revealed multiple instances of hazing, Dean of Students Bridget Riordan said, including having pledges consume “unusual amounts” of items not meant for eating and participate in a “fight club.”