Courtesy of Marjory Collins / Wikimedia Commons.

Courtesy of Marjory Collins / Wikimedia Commons.

— British bank HSBC has for years helped clients evade taxes and withdraw untraceable cash, according to files obtained and reported on Sunday by a collaboration of news organizations. The bank is already facing investigations in France, Belgium, the United States and Argentina.

— A NATO drone strike in Afghanistan killed former Taliban commander Mullah Abdul Rauf, who recently declared allegiance to the Islamic State, on Monday. Rauf, whose brother-in-law was also killed, had been in a car carrying six people, along with a load of ammunition, which exploded when struck by the missile.

— Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy S. Moore ordered state probate judges on Sunday night not to issue same-sex marriage licenses in state on Monday, the day the pro-gay marriage ruling of District Court Judge Callie vs. Granade took effect. Though the state’s 68 popular-elected probate judges would face legal action if they followed Moore’s order, many had already begun denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

— A $1 billion deal to end a class-action lawsuit of former football players against the National Football League (NFL) was set to be approved Sunday. The 4,500 players represented in the lawsuit sought compensation for neurological problems related to head injuries they had suffered on the field.

— The Georgia Department of Transportation announced on Sunday what a spokesperson called GDOT’s largest-ever project, which will decrease congestion where Interstate 285 meets Georgia State Road 400. Plans for the interchange project, which will take three years to complete, include fly-over ramps and additional lanes

— A gunman killed four and wounded two before turning the gun on himself in a quiet Douglasville, Ga. neighborhood on Saturday afternoon. Cedric Prather targeted his ex-wife, Latoya Andrews, before turning to her current boyfriend and four of his children. Two of the children survived, and one remained in critical condition on Monday.

— Compiled by Asst. News Editor Lydia O’Neal