Nationals Blocks Theta From Accepting Housing

Emory’s Kappa Alpha Theta (Theta) chapter will not have housing in Sorority Village for the 2017-2018 academic year, although it is in good standing with the University, according to Director of Sorority and Fraternity Life Marlon Gibson.

The sorority’s lack of housing lies with its national headquarters, which disallowed the chapter from accepting Emory’s housing offer, Gibson said. Gibson declined to comment on the headquarters’ alleged interference, directing the Wheel to the Theta Headquarters Director of Chapter Services Kelley Hurst. In an Aug. 11 email to the Wheel, Hurst wrote, “the advisory board for Kappa Alpha Theta at Emory University is currently being reorganized this summer and new board members will be appointed this fall.” The headquarters did not confirm whether there is an investigation into Emory’s chapter.

When the Wheel asked Senior Director of Housing Operations Elaine Turner where Theta members would be relocated, she directed the question to Gibson. Gibson then directed the question to Campus Life Senior Director for Communications Tomika DePriest, who did not respond by time of publication.

Gibson referred the Wheel to Emory’s Title IX Coordinator for Students Judith Pannell for details about Emory’s investigation into Theta.

According to Pannell, an anonymous report submitted by an office within Emory detailed a violation of Emory Policy 8.2 regarding sexual misconduct, which prompted the investigation. A recently concluded Office of Title IX investigation into Theta determined that allegations of sexual misconduct were unfounded, Pannell said.

Theta occupied Lodge D in Sorority Village last academic year. Lodge D will house rising sophomores this academic year, Turner wrote in a June 26 email to the Wheel.

The Office of Title IX interviewed student members, the chapter adviser and the national headquarters. RoseAnn Hansen, who is most recently listed as the adviser, did not respond to multiple requests for comment. Pannell declined to say whether her office interviewed students who are not members of Theta.

Virginia Dollins (18B) resigned as chapter president and relinquished her membership, she wrote in a June 27 email to the Wheel. Dollins declined a request for an interview. The chapter’s chief operations officer, Jessica Urgo (18C), also declined a request for an interview.

Pannell did not respond to a request for a timeline of events. She said that there are recently closed Title IX investigations into other fraternities or sororities but declined to provide further details.

The outcome of the chapter is “110 percent” dependent upon the findings of the national investigation, Gibson said.