Brandon Wagner

Opinion Editor | Brandon Wagner is a College Senior from God Only Knows Where, America studying Film and Media Studies with a minor in Religion. This is his first year for the Wheel, in a likely misguided experiment to be a film critic. When he's not writing on the biggest blockbusters or the films of Spike Jonze or Andrei Tarkovsky or Zack Snyder, he's writing on comedic television, the future of gaming as an art, or the relationship between audience and cinematic experience. In other words, Brandon Wagner has basically nothing else going on but this.

Oscars Inspiring, Largely Unsurprising

Courtesy of A24 Yet another predictable year for the Oscars: the 89th Academy Awards proceeded as expected. A few minor unexpected wins were scattered throughout, but the predicted story of the night was La La Land’s ultimate victory, riding a number of technical awards and Best Picture. Wait, hold on, it appears I was handed [...]

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Oscars Allow for Escapism Despite Predictability

Courtesy of Summit Entertainment The world burns around us, but art moves ever forward, trying its best to understand, filter and give us something to grasp onto. With all that’s going on, it may seem silly this year (as perhaps every year) to care about the Oscars and what congratulations Hollywood may hand itself. It’s [...]

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Key and Peele Talk Blackness, Creative Freedom

After the end of their Comedy Central show Key & Peele, sketch comedy superstars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele could have written themselves a check to do anything. Their successful comedy show tackled race, politics and contemporary American life with a specific and unique perspective that few others on television could match, and it took [...]

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Senior Reflections: Brandon Wagner

After four years, the class of 2016 has transitioned from students, to alumni. Six graduating seniors have reflected upon their undergraduate experiences. Brandon Wagner, from Huntsville, Alabama, discusses his time at Emory.  Putting my time at Emory into words is something that still confounds me. How do I sum up four years of life, much [...]

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