Brandon Wagner

Opinion Editor | Brandon Wagner is a College Senior from God Only Knows Where, America studying Film and Media Studies with a minor in Religion. This is his first year for the Wheel, in a likely misguided experiment to be a film critic. When he's not writing on the biggest blockbusters or the films of Spike Jonze or Andrei Tarkovsky or Zack Snyder, he's writing on comedic television, the future of gaming as an art, or the relationship between audience and cinematic experience. In other words, Brandon Wagner has basically nothing else going on but this.

‘High-Rise’ is ‘Lord of the Flies’ for the Upper Crust

There’s a chance that whether or not you usually agree with me, you’re probably going to disagree with me about High-Rise. It’s the kind of film that seems to have been made to divide people or actively turn the viewer off, and there’s nothing wrong if you’re not on its wavelength. But this film works [...]

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The Highs of Stoner Films

The stoner film, a film in which a massive part of its plot involves or revolves around its main characters smoking marijuana, is one of the most uniquely American traditions. There’s a distinctly American rebellion contained within the stoner film. Drug culture and American counterculture have always been intertwined, and when art arises out of [...]

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‘The Jungle Book’ is a Technological Revolution

In a way, The Jungle Book feels like the sequel to Avatar that we never got (and despite James Cameron’s promises, probably never will get). You remember Avatar, the highest-grossing film of all time and technologically wondrous feat that no one seems to remember anything more of than a basic plot summary and a few [...]

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