Brandon Wagner

Opinion Editor | Brandon Wagner is a College Senior from God Only Knows Where, America studying Film and Media Studies with a minor in Religion. This is his first year for the Wheel, in a likely misguided experiment to be a film critic. When he's not writing on the biggest blockbusters or the films of Spike Jonze or Andrei Tarkovsky or Zack Snyder, he's writing on comedic television, the future of gaming as an art, or the relationship between audience and cinematic experience. In other words, Brandon Wagner has basically nothing else going on but this.

Pete Holmes Butters Up the Crowd

In a way, I’m grateful for 50 Shades of Grey because the Dom/sub relationships of that story have given me a culturally relevant way to explain how stand-up comedy works. Stick with me here — I swear I’m going to make this make sense. Functionally, a night at a stand-up show is signing a contract [...]

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Removing the Bias Against Bias

For those unaware, or perhaps all too aware if you’ve picked up most any copy of the Wheel in the past year, my chief profession is as a film critic and, as of late, we film critics seem to have gotten quite a bit of negative attention from certain fan-based corners of the internet, mostly [...]

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The Past and Future of R-Rated Superhero Films

Deadpool is an R-rated film that features a prominent gag in which film star Ryan Reynolds engages in the act of pegging, wherein a woman wears a strap-on dildo, and well … goes all up in there. Deadpool is also a superhero film based on a Marvel Comics character set within the X-Men universe.  It [...]

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