Dilara Shahani/Contributing Writer

The idea of coffee and watermelon might leave a sour taste in your mouth, but Three Heart Roastery makes the combination work at their little shop on the Eastern BeltLine. Chef Nhan Le continued his octopus-theme from 8ARM and Octopus Bar with Three Heart Roastery, the name of which alludes to an octopus’ three hearts. This hipster walk-up window has a small but alluring menu composed of coffee, made from their own roasted beans, and shaved watermelon ices, the wholesome version of snow cones.

Dilara Shahani/Contributing Writer

As I walked up to the window, rather sweaty and thirsty after walking the BeltLine, the cashier greeted me with an enthusiastic smile. The menu mainly consists of a few hot or iced caffeinated beverages and four watermelon snow variations. If you’re looking for a healthy but deliciously refreshing option, the ideal watermelon ice is “The O.G.” — freshly shaved watermelon with no added sugar. Simple and sweet! The other three watermelon snows have the same base of shaved watermelon, but instead are served with unique syrups as a zesty kick, including chipotle lime or coconut ginger drizzles.

My friend decided to try the pink lemonade watermelon snow, and I ordered an iced coffee and a small serving of beignet, a tasty deep-fried pastry. Unfortunately, the cashier apologized that Three Heart had yet to install a fryer and was not serving beignets. Though I was disappointed that I could not try the sweet pastry, the cashier reassured me that the fryer would be installed very soon and to return to try it. After a short wait on stools looking over the BeltLine, our orders were ready for pick-up at the window.

The iced coffee was your typical freshly brewed coffee with ice in a paper cup, with the option of cream from the window shelf, or soy milk for an additional 75 cents. Though I usually prefer almond milk, I opted for the cream, grabbed a lid and straw and perched myself up on the stool to take my first sip. The coffee was pleasantly silky and refreshing, though nothing exceptional compared to the average cup of iced coffee in Atlanta. However, a spoonful of my friend’s watermelon snow was the perfect concoction of ice and sugar that I needed, and I definitely went back for a few more spoonfuls of the sweet deliciousness.

The shop’s location is both convenient, as it sits right on the BeltLine to offer refreshing treats to passersby, and also a bit of adventure, as it sits slightly off the main road. Located adjacent to Paris on Ponce, a vintage furniture and decor store, Three Heart is unmistakable with its colorful walls adorned with painted flowers and stems.

Overall, the friendly service and hipster environment will definitely bring me back the next time I’m in the area. We enjoyed sitting on the stools, facing the Beltline under the shaded area and eating our frozen treats while taking a relaxing break from our walk under the sun. Though the iced coffee provided me with a satisfying kick of cold caffeine, I will definitely return to try a new flavor of the shaved watermelon, the main attraction — and hopefully the beignets as well!

Rating: 4/5 stars