The Bills Keep Trolling

No matter what side you are on in Deflategate, you are sick of hearing about it.  Now that all the dust has settled, leave it to the Bills to start having fun with the whole situation.  First let’s break down the air pumps incident.

These weren’t in some small shop somewhere in Buffalo, THEY WERE IN THE FRONT OF THE TEAM STORE! The organization is openly trolling the Patriots.  The execution of this was perfect, subtly placing multiple models of standard pumps that you could buy at any sporting store.  The Bills fans also had some fun poking fun at the whole controversy.  However, my favorite — unrelated to deflategate — was the sign with Rex Ryan “coming in like a Rexing ball. “

Cardale Jones should quit social media

Cardale Jones’ first moment of fame wasn’t coming in as the third-string QB and leading Ohio State to a National Championship.  In case, you missed it, last summer Jones tweeted, “Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain’t come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS.”

This past summer after his actual rise to fame, Cardale Jones visited a kid in the hospital.  You might wonder how this might turn into bad press, but Jones proceeded to beat the kid 98-35 in NCAA Football.  Yeah that is kind of a jerk move, but leave it Cardale to take it to the next level.  When the kid asked for a rematch, Jones responded by talking trash on twitter.

This weekend Jones found another social media platform with which to get himself into trouble.

Cardale Jones’s Instagram bio used to read “3rd String QB @ The Ohio State University Oh Wait, 1st String.” However, after being benched in Saturday’s game against Northern Illinois, first string was replaced by “second string.” This is a big no-no.  It’s like changing your relationship status to single after getting in a fight with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Like any significant other would, Urban Meyer likely reprimanded Jones and his Instagram bio now reads …


Anytime a band makes national news for one of its performances, the result is always a funny one. Just watch the video and judge for yourself. Yes that is the Kansas Jayhawk, the rival mascot of Kansas State. (Editor’s note: the rest of the commentary has been censored)

America’s Favorite Family Owns the Internet

Unlike the athletes above, the Currys have figured out the Internet.

Whether it’s Steph and his wife Ayesha making a remix Video to Drake’s “0 to 10 / The Catch Up,” or every Instagram from Riley Curry’s 3rd Birthday Party, the Currys continue to bolster their case for America’s favorite family.

However, their recent Instagram takes the title for best Curry post. Not only is it absolutely adorable that Riley wants to be like her Dad and get her ankles taped, Curry makes a joke about his past ankle issues. Keep killing it Steph and Ayesha, the rest of the Internet has a lot to learn from your family.

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