The University alerted the Emory community yesterday through a school-wide email that a female student was recently the victim of a sexual battery on Clairmont Campus.

According to the email, the female student reported to the Emory Police Department (EPD) that on Wednesday at around 10:45 p.m., a male approached her from behind and grabbed her buttocks.

The victim, the email states, had walked onto Clairmont Campus from Clairmont Road and was near Hope Lodge when the incident occurred.

The male subject, according to the email, was described as white, about five feet and seven inches in height and wearing gray and beige pants, a gray T-shirt and a “light-colored” baseball cap.

He was last spotted running eastward on Dooley Drive and then across Starvine Way into the bushes, the email says.

In addition, the email tells the Emory community to use the school’s safety escort service, avoid walking in dark areas alone and be aware of one’s surroundings.

Lt. Cheryl Elliott of the Emory Police Department told the Wheel that the University-wide email seeks to keep the community alert to such incidents and has the added benefit of potentially assisting Emory Police in searching for the subject.

“If someone randomly goes up and touches somebody, you want to make sure that everyone is aware of that and the community knows that a person has randomly done this, and we don’t know the reasons,” Elliott said.

– By Jordan Friedman and Dustin Slade