Courtesy of Emory Photo

Emory has selected Srinivas “Srini” Pulavarti as vice president of investments and chief investment officer (CIO), according to an April 11 University press release.

Pulavarti will replace Interim Vice President of Investments and CIO Christopher Augostini on July 1. Augostini held the position after former CIO Mary Cahill retired in August 2017.

Pulavati previously served as president and CIO of the UCLA Investment Company, where he oversaw the $2.3 billion portfolio for the UCLA Foundation and its affiliated organizations. From 2005 to 2012, he served as president and CIO of Spider Management Company, an investment firm owned by the University of Richmond (Va.). During his time at Spider, the Richmond endowment was “consistently ranked as one of the nation’s best-performing among universities,” according to Bloomberg.

As CIO, Pulavarti will control Emory’s investment portfolio and lead the Emory Investment Management (EIM) group, which is responsible for “asset allocation, investment management and oversight,” according to the EIM website. Emory’s portfolio is valued at $6.9 billion, according to the press release.

Pulavarti has also served as head of global investment strategy at Citigroup Pension Investments; director of investments at Johns Hopkins University (Md.); investment manager at Lockheed Martin Investment Management Company; and a fixed income and sovereign debt senior analyst at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, according to the press release.

“Srini Pulavarti is an innovative, forward-thinking investor with a proven track record of success,” Augostini told Emory News Center. “His energy, intellect and collaborative style in this highly complex environment have driven outstanding results for the institutions he served.”

Pulavarti received his bachelor of science degree in chemistry, physics and mathematics from Bangalore University in India and his master of science degree in applied economics from Marquette University (Wis.).

Pulavarti declined an interview with the Wheel.