Peet’s Coffee & Tea will replace Jazzman’s Café in the Robert W. Woodruff Library during the summer, according to dining officials.

Food Advisory Committee Emory (FACE), which provides students with an outlet to give feedback on campus dining, posted the announcement to its Facebook page yesterday.

According to Senior Director of Emory’s Food Service Administration David Furhman, Peet’s will offer its own selection of tea and coffee among a variety of different snacks such as an entirely new selection of baked goods, pastries, salads and panini sandwiches.

“Our campus community told us very clearly that they wanted a new option at the library,” Furhman said. “Great coffee emerged as the most pressing request. We then began a search for a brand that first and foremost had a proven track record and could offer us great coffee and tea.”

According to FACE Co-Chair and Goizueta Business School junior Karoline Porcello, the feedback FACE received from students made it clear that Jazzman’s was no longer a satisfying option at the library.

Furhman added that during the search, Emory not only cared about the quality of a potential new vendor’s products but also whether it offered sustainable and fair priced products.

Furhman said Peet’s was a strong fit for his vision for dining at Emory because the chain met the “three key components” of quality, great service and sustainability.

Because Sodexo will operate Peet’s, the current staff at Jazzman’s will be unaffected, Furhman added.

“Jazzman’s provided a nice experience and had a strong sense of community for that basement floor of the library,” College junior Dane Weinert said. “It is sad to see it go but I’m excited to see how Peet’s will transform the space.”

College sophomore David Schupper said he thinks that if Peet’s provides a better food selection then the change would be worth it.

“I just want to be able to get a good sandwich and take it up to the stacks,” he said.

–By Dustin Slade