The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is the official voice of the Emory Wheel and is editorially separate from the Wheel's board of editors.

Vote Ding and Pierson for SGA President and Vice President

For Student Government Association (SGA) president and vice president, The Emory Wheel’s Editorial Board strongly endorses Rachel Ding (20Ox, 22B) and Amon Pierson (22C), respectively. We believe they have the experience and determination necessary to guide Emory’s student body through the pandemic recovery and rebuild Emory University as a more inclusive institution. Together, Ding and [...]

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Journalism Industry Exclusionary, Elitist

As the editorial board of Boston University’s student newspaper wrote earlier this month, journalism is not an inviting field. News organizations across the U.S., The Emory Wheel included, are often toxic, elitist environments, creating significant obstacles for aspiring low-income and Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) journalists. This is as inexcusable today as it [...]

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Conservative Students Face ‘Open Hostility’? Let’s Talk Inclusion

A recent Wheel news article detailed conservative Emory students’ complaints that campus culture excludes and isolates them on the basis of their political views. No student should feel like an outcast at their own school, including conservatives in the predominantly liberal spaces of higher education.  However, as ideological outliers on Emory’s campus, conservative students must [...]

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Amazon’s Opposition to Unions Infringes on Workers’ Rights

Recently, actor Danny Glover and Georgia politician Stacey Abrams voiced their support for Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama, who have been trying to unionize amid substandard and unsanitary conditions during the pandemic.  Employees at Amazon’s Bessemer fulfillment center, most of whom are Black, are currently voting until March 29 on whether to unionize. Amazon has [...]

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