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The Editorial Board is the official voice of the Emory Wheel and is editorially separate from the Wheel's board of editors.

Georgia: All That’s Right (and Wrong) With America

On Nov. 4, as an anxious nation awaited the results of the 2020 presidential election, all eyes turned to Georgia — a state that embodies the conflicts of America’s political system. By the time vote counting ground to a halt over the weekend, President-elect Joe Biden won Georgia by a mere 14,149 votes. While Georgia [...]

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On Stolen Land, Emory is Failing Its Indigenous Community

Emory University stands on stolen land.  For decades, exploitative treaties allowed the U.S. government to deprive the Muscogee (Creek) Nation of their land. According to former Emory historian Gary Hauk, in 1821, the U.S. forced them to sell their land for about five cents per acre and relocate to Oklahoma, Arkansas and Alabama. Emory’s first [...]

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Bye, Don. Hello, Democracy.

Today, America finally dumped President Donald Trump. Democracy has prevailed over authoritarianism; order has defeated chaos. The 2020 presidential campaign was an ordeal unparalleled in its vitriol and turmoil, but for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, the real challenge will begin when they are sworn in next January. Their victory is historic. [...]

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The Election’s Not Over Yet. Brace Yourselves.

After nearly four years of President Donald Trump’s tumultuous presidency, many of us hoped to breathe a collective sigh of relief this morning. At the very least, we expected to know whether we would need to steel ourselves for four more years. As it turns out, we’re going to have to wait a little longer.  [...]

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Emory Greek Life, You Have A Racism Problem.

Kappa Alpha Order (KA) fraternity  — and Greek life in general — is experiencing a national reckoning with their centuries-long history of racism. It’s about time. KA’s maintenance of Confederate General Robert E. Lee as their “spiritual founder,” in addition to their myriad problematic traditions and events, harms Black students on Emory’s campus and nationwide.  [...]

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