Paramore Find Reflection, Catharsis ‘After Laughter’

Courtesy of Maya Nair “One thing we promise ourselves is that if we cry hard, we’re gonna dance harder,” Paramore frontwoman and lead singer Hayley Williams told the audience after singing the emotional acoustic ballad “26.” Those words set the mood for the entire night. Paramore played a sold-out show at the iconic Fox Theatre [...]

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Twenty One Pilots Soars on Emotional Roadshow Tour

While few consider themselves dancers, there are some situations during which you cannot help but lose your inhibitions and dance. On Saturday, Aug. 6, the entire audience was bitten by the jitterbug at the Twenty One Pilots concert at the Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth. It seemed as though all audience members became dancing fools, [...]

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Chef’Special Contributes Unique Sound to America’s Music Scene

The Netherlands has produced some of the biggest names in music, including Edward and Alex Van Halen and Afrojack. Yet the small European nation’s music scene largely remains a mystery to Americans. The Dutch band Chef’Special is sure to intrigue new American fans with their noteworthy name and new sound while they break into America’s [...]

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Falling Down the Rabbit Hole: Director James Bobin on the Triumphs and Struggles of Wonderland

  Film is often regarded as an escape from reality, a medium through which audiences trade the everyday for the extraordinary. Some films, such as Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, accomplish this particularly well, thrusting moviegoers into a world in which the fantastical is considered normal and the impossible is naught. James Bobin (Flight of [...]

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