1. Jack Herer

     2. Steve DeAngelo

     3. Jane West

     4. Keith Stroup

     5. Willie Nelson

     6. Tommy Chong

     Ganja Advocates Deserve Gratitude

Marijuana has never been more popular. After decades of prohibition, weed is now recreationally legal in many US states. The shift in social and government perspectives is thanks to the work of various cannabis activists.

Many people now purchase and grow their favorite weed varieties, like feminized Skunk seeds, without fear of breaking the law.

The marijuana legalization movement has many key figures. Nowadays, you see a multitude of celebrities openly promoting cannabis, and this dramatically raises social awareness. The significant actions of some advocates deserve extra recognition.

Read on and discover six of the greatest marijuana advocates of all time.

1. Jack Herer

Jack Herer, aka the “Emperor of Hemp,” is arguably the most extraordinary cannabis activist in marijuana’s history. If not for this man’s incredible work, weed might still be illegal.

In the eyes of many, Jack Herer is the father of the cannabis legalization movement. His pioneering work in the glass pipe industry led to a passion for the plant. After opening a head shop in 1973, he made ending marijuana prohibition his life’s mission.

In 1985, Herer released The Emperor Wears No Clothes. This book challenged the status quo and shed the cannabis plant in a highly positive light. The publication was significant in expediting the movement to legalize weed.

The “Emperor of Hemp” spent much of his life campaigning for 420 freedom. Jack’s tireless work is a big reason behind the current changes. Despite his passing in 2010, he lived long enough to see the enormous progress in legislation regarding medical marijuana.

The weed activist’s legacy lives on through the famous Jack Herer strain and his numerous written works and recordings.

2. Steve DeAngelo

Steve DeAngelo is a marijuana rights activist and a strong advocate for legal reform in America. He’s also an author, entrepreneur, and much more.

DeAngelo co-founded and led multiple famous cannabis companies and organizations, such as Harborside and the Steep Hill Laboratory.

Steve is a passionate cultivator and sometimes collaborates with the best online seed banks. He currently serves as the founder and leader of the Last Prisoner Project. This organization is arguably his most commendable accomplishment.

The Last Prisoner Project fights to undo the damage of unjust laws. The organization actively works to release people from incarceration. Their name represents the group’s aims. They want freedom for every cannabis convict.

The scale of his work means Steve DeAngelo is a hero to many and a true marijuana activist.

3. Jane West

Jane West is a cannabis advocate, entrepreneur, and prominent voice for women in the industry. She founded the Edible Events Company in 2013, organizing social gatherings to celebrate marijuana consumption.

These events grew and became overwhelmingly popular, even receiving co-sponsorship with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. Jane drew nationwide attention and made appearances on major talk shows promoting cannabis.

The fame led to a raid on one of West’s events by a federal S.W.A.T team. She received criminal charges, one year’s probation, and a ban from organizing future cannabis-themed events.

In 2014, West founded Women Grow, a networking organization connecting female cultivators. She led this group until 2016 before pursuing her next venture.

Jane West is now the founder and CEO of a cannabis lifestyle brand of the same name. The entrepreneur remains passionate in her advocacy for marijuana consumption.

4. Keith Stroup

Keith Stroup isn’t a name many people know, but he’s among the most influential weed advocates.

Stroup is the founder of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). The group has been fighting for change on various levels since 1970. He served as the director until 1979 before becoming an attorney and pro-weed lobbyist.

Keith returned to NORML in 1994 and has served in various roles to this day. It’s impossible to overstate the impact of this organization in helping to reform cannabis laws.

The group also works to raise awareness and education about marijuana. More people are learning about how weed interacts with the body. Interest in the plant is growing, and many are asking questions like, “what are cannabinoids?”

5. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is a legendary country music star and a massive proponent of marijuana. His unique status in American pop culture makes him a phenomenal ally for other cannabis advocates.

Many people are now more aware and see past anti-pot propaganda thanks to Willie Nelson. Myths surrounding the plant dissipate as questions about CBD products and the medicinal applications of cannabis arise.

Nelson continues to play an essential role in enhancing mainstream awareness about marijuana. He’s more than just a celebrity spokesperson, though.

The musician is a co-chair on the board of NORML and has spent decades fighting for cannabis reform. The name of his autobiography, Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die, speaks volumes. Nelson is undoubtedly among the most famous marijuana advocates.

6. Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong is royalty in cannabis culture. The Canadian actor, comedian, musician, and activist is a household name in the 420-scene.

This icon is one half of the comedy duo Cheech and Chong. Their infamous 1978 movie Up In Smoke received terrible reviews and drew heavy criticism. The controversial film is now a cult classic as people realize the satire in the character portrayals.

Tommy Chong is still active and relevant in weed culture. He’s spent years advocating for marijuana reform and remains as passionate as ever.

Ganja Advocates Deserve Gratitude

From recreational advocates to medical marijuana activists, the progress over recent years is thanks to their efforts. These individuals often risk their careers and personal freedoms for a greater cause.

Many people now have the privilege of legally purchasing cannabis. Are you fortunate enough to grow or blaze weed without fear of prosecution? Don’t forget to dedicate a toke to the pioneers on this list.

Kyle Kushman

Kyle Kushman is an American writer, educator, activist and award-winning cannabis cultivator and breeder specializing in veganic cultivation. He is a representative of Homegrown Cannabis CO company, has been a contributor for over 20 years, and has taught courses in advanced horticulture at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California and across the United States. Kushman also hosts a cannabis podcast called “The Grow Show with Kyle Kushman”.

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