The Insighter 4/26/13

I spent a lot of time dreaming up Insighters for the final weeks of my final year of academia, forever. I didn’t realize how few weeks were left. I waver between terrible excitement for the ceremony of graduation — the culmination of four years worth of what I have to acknowledge as accomplishments — and the terrible impatience of enough is enough! Time to go!

Emory is beautiful now. Finally settled between the cold too long and the summer too soon. We have a few weeks of pollen-free (pollen-low) blossoms and blooms. Breezes on the patios and Cox bridge, the chill of mornings under the trees of the Quad now overrun with the construction for a celebration of our graduating seniors. God bless us all.

I leave Emory with sweetness where I can. I leave Emory with good memories where I can find them and lessons learned where I am sour.  Making choices and making moves for a new phase of the same old life, I remind myself that this same old life is pretty nice, isn’t it. That we are lucky, and we are blessed, and wherever we go, things have a habit of working out, don’t they.

So as an official goodbye to my school and the city that has welcomed me for four long years, I offer thanks. Thank you to everyone here and there who has made this experience the wildest ride of, if not the best time of, my life, certainly a time from which I have learned and grew. Students and professors. Dooley. I may walk on May 13, and I may go my way in the world with Emory far behind me, but college lives on forever.

—By Chloe Olwewitz