As the fall season brings back the cozy color palette into fashion, the long-forgotten looks of the 1990s and 2000s are trickling back into high fashion. It won’t be long before fur coats and flashy monograms cover Emory’s campus as the vintage style makes a comeback.

The Vintage Comeback

1990s vintage and 2000s excess have been making a stronger-than-ever comeback in 2019. Gucci, Fendi, Dior and Saint Laurent have revived the trend to feature monograms and animal patterns in sleeker renditions of older looks. 

Celebrities including Beyonce and Emma Watson were the strongest proponents of the late 1990s vintage resurgence. Once social media influencers began to rework the aesthetic to make their own bold fashion statements, the famous Fendi Baguette Bag became synonymous with celebrity. Social media may be partly responsible for the sudden resurgence, as apps like Instagram make it much easier for users to explore their idols’ styles. 

The maxi wallet of the last decade has decreased in popularity, replaced by mini purses and wallets. After all, a small crossbody bag like the Balenciaga Explorer Crossbody Pouch Bag will always offer more convenience and aesthetic appeal than heavily stuffed pockets.

If you still want to go for the style without dishing out the bucks for luxury designer brands, try out the ‘90s skater look with a $25 Adidas crossbody bag.

The early 2010s were heavy on tight jeans and now with the vintage style comeback, long high-waisted jeans have made their return. Fendi has hopped on this tend with their high-waisted Fendi’s beige silk and wool pants. The white leather profile on the side of the pants provides a pop of color, unseen in typical high-waisted blue jeans.


Paris Hilton may have faded from the tabloids, but the monograms she sported have come back in style. Although monogram prints have been Louis Vuitton’s signature since 1854, other brands such as Gucci, Burberry, Fendi and Dior are starting to revisit the late-2000s trend. 

Burberry’s new runway piece Ship Print Oversize Silk Shirt showcases the brand logo monogrammed across the entire sky-blue collared shirt. Unlike other classic monograms, Burberry has chosen to simply outline the logo, making the shirt pronounced but not overwhelming. The most striking detail are the two traditional masted sailing ships symmetrically hand-drawn across the front of the shirt. 

Animal Prints

In addition to monograms, fur and prints are slowly regaining popularity. Dior’s leopard print high-top sneakers, Saint Laurent Paris’s fur scarf, Louis Vuitton’s mink Intarsia straight coat are just some examples of cozy animal-patterned elements that are returning to the ready-to-wear rack. 

A staple for every closet is the white tee. Why not stand out among the crowd and follow the Dior and Raymond Pettibon’s print and embroidery T-shirt trend, a white and leopard-print t-shirt with a leopard drawing design. It’s still your basic white t-shirt, but the leopard print adds much-needed personality that’s not limited to the fall and winter seasons.

Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) is known for its aristocratic design. Their Medium Devotion Bag in leopard-print jacquard perfectly balances the high-end DG vibe with wilderness. It can be worn both formally and informally. And, as the times have proven, leopard print never goes out of style. 

Though Dolce & Gabbana continues to be an icon in the fashion industry, the instagram advertisements that it posted back in 2018 has caused massive withdrawals from Chinese customers. Several media outlets reported on the issue, which has affected Chinese consumer demand.

Again, if you do not like brand names or can’t afford them, then this textured leopard-print shoulder bag will do just the same thing. At $22, the crossbody bag will be perfect for broke college students like us. 

Real vs. Faux

Though real fur used to be a runway mainstay, many brands have transitioned to faux fur in consideration of animal rights movements and endangered species protection. Gucci, Versace, Prada, Burberry, Miu Miu and many other high fashion brands have all joined the anti-fur movement and announced the end of animal fur, that harms the animal in the process of acquisition, in future collections. In order to mimic the look, brands use wool (an arguably cruelty-free alternative) or artificial plastic-based fur to mimic the look without harming animals. 

As the animal trend comes back, the Saint Laurent pea coat in camouflage fake fur fits right in. For occasions that require a bit more swagger, this coat would definitely be a show-stopping statement piece.

Whether trendy or not, real or not, fur is always convenient in harsh winters. This fur coat sold by Amore Bridal achieves the same style.

The Givenchy Mini Eden bag in crocodile effect leather, while less recognizable than other luxury brand bags, mimics the elegance of genuine skin. The grayish brown color perfectly matches the fall and winter atmosphere, complimenting trench coats or formal wear. This crossbody messenger bag from Asos has a similar crocodile-effect but will most definitely not break the bank.


As you revamp your closets to prepare for colder weather, consider these items to accentuate your style. You can find resurged vintage styles at local thrift shops — a great way to dress on a budget with one-of-a-kind accent pieces. 

High fashion brands might set the trend but the rest of the other brands will eventually follow, likely at a lower price point. It is not necessary to splurge on specific brands. Rather, keep an eye on them to keep your closet up to date.