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Atlanta Film Festival 2020 Highlights Hardship, Resilience

The world has gone awry since the pandemic first began in early 2020, and major events have been canceled as a result, from the Met Gala to Coachella. For the most part, however, film festivals have adapted to complications arising from COVID-19, and this year’s Atlanta Film Festival, which ran from Sept. 17 to Sept. [...]

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#ATLFF20: ‘Milkwater’ Is a Pregnancy Drama That Delivers

Although independent cinema has boomed in popularity only in recent years, it has already adopted its own set of cliches such as a twee sensibility and a focus on 20-something hipsters coming of age. Though director Morgan Ingari’s debut film “Milkwater” is not immune to these cliches, it still finds a way to tell a [...]

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