Two Emory students were robbed at gunpoint in the vicinity of Emory Village earlier this morning, according to an all-Emory email. The students were walking along North Decatur Road towards the main entrance of campus when they were approached by a subject who asked for directions. During the encounter, the subject displayed a gun to the two victims, took personal items from them and fled the scene in a vehicle.

According to Emory Police Department (EPD) Captain Cheryl Elliott, the students were walking back from CVS when the incident occurred. Shortly after, the two students met with a police detective for an interview.

The students described the subject as a male wearing dark clothing, who was approximately 5’9’’ to 5’10” tall and weighed 160 to 175 pounds. The subject fled the scene in a gold sedan, which was driven by another individual. According to Elliott, the two subjects were working together.

“We are doing what we are supposed to be doing,” Elliott said. “We are reviewing leads.”

Elliott said that she encourages anyone in the Emory community who may have information regarding the robbery to contact EPD.

As of 9:58 a.m., the case is under investigation and has been assigned to Emory Police Detective John Harper.

The Emory community was notified of the event through an all-Emory email sent at 2:46 a.m. this morning. The email comes less than a week after an all-Emory public safety notice regarding a simple battery outside the Health Sciences Research Building.