The Emory Wheel meets with Emory Police Department (EPD) Records Manager Ed Shoemaker (87G, 90G) and EPD Captain to inform the Emory University community about recent crime on and around Emory University’s campuses. To report a crime, contact EPD at 404-727-6111 or


A female undergraduate student anonymously reported on Sept. 15 that a male student had been stalking her. The male student is most likely an undergraduate, according to Shoemaker. The female student said she has been being stalked by the male student since the previous spring semester. Shoemaker added that the two parties know each other. 

Shoemaker also said that the Department of Title IX typically addresses situations such as these, although EPD is unaware of if the Department of Title IX is working on this specific case.

There is no more information available because the incident was reported anonymously, Shoemaker said.

Courtesy of Emory University

Harassing Communications

On Sept. 15, a female student living in Emory Point reported that she had received more than 50 calls from an unknown number since moving into her apartment in August. The student reported hearing background noises and voices on the calls, but nobody spoke directly to her.

Additionally, the student received voicemail messages from the number consisting of more background noise. Shoemaker added that these calls take place at all hours. 

“The thing that appears to have prompted her to involve us rather than just dismiss the calls as being an annoyance is that … she didn’t get any calls while she was out of town,” Shoemaker said. “But when she came back, the calls resumed, which led her to think somebody’s actually paying attention to her movements.” 

The case is currently under investigation by EPD.

Abandoning drugs, poisons or controlled substances

On Sept. 13, somebody reported finding a bag of medications that had been abandoned in a hallway of the Woodruff Memorial Research Building. All of the medications were past their expiration date, according to Shoemaker. 

“The drugs involved included pentobarbital sodium, ketamine hydrochloride, among other things,” Shoemaker said. “They were definitely controlled substances.” 

Abandoning drugs in an unauthorized location is a crime, Shoemaker said. The EPD police report did not include the name of who owned the prescriptions. 

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