Over 500 student-run organizations call Emory home. Meet some of the student leaders using their positions to drive change and facilitate community on campus.

Khegan Meyers (24B), Student Government Association president

Courtesy of Khegan Meyers

“The Student Government Association is the preeminent policy-setting organization for all undergraduate students, responsible for allocating the student activity fee and representing students on all undergraduate campuses. SGA works to advocate for students and provide the foundation for student organizations to create an engaging student experience.”

Toluwanimi Olaleye (24Ox), Oxford Student Government Association president

Courtesy of Toluwanimi Olaleye

“The purpose of Oxford SGA is to serve and represent the interests of Oxford’s student body. We also seek to provide representation benefitting all areas of student life and continuously support our student body through different initiatives.”

Neha Murthy (24C), College Council president

Courtesy of Neha Murthy

College Council works to investigate and resolve common student problems; advocate for the inclusion of students in the overall policy and decision-making processes of the university community; promote awareness of the student’s role in the academic community; enhance the quality and scope of education at the university, both inside and outside the classroom; and empowering students with opportunities to step up and become a leader.”

Anna Sotirescu (24C), Student Programming Council president

Courtesy of Anna Sotirescu

“The Student Programming Council is the primary, student-run organization on Emory’s campus devoted to creating large-scale events for all undergraduate students to enjoy. We have a hand in helping to shape Emory’s campus culture through signature events such as First Day Fest, Homecoming, Dooley’s Week, and our concerts.”

Ariella Weiss (24Ox), Student Activity Committee president

Courtesy of Ariella Weiss

“SAC is the primary source for student programming at Oxford College. We seek to provide dynamic and purposeful co-curricular programs that promote the social well-being of all students through involvement, engagement, and community-building initiatives (and free stuff). This energetic committee of both freshmen and sophomores works to keep Oxford’s social life exciting! From Halloweek to Fall Formal, OxRoyals to Fun Before Finals, there is ALWAYS something going on at Oxford. Students can get involved by applying to our general body in the fall, or by attending any of our events!”

Carla Aleman (24C), Residence Hall Association president

Courtesy of Carla Aleman

“We work to make the residential experience better for students as students through programming and advocacy. One of our signature programs includes Fall Fest where each hall council puts on a themed party for students to go from hall to hall.”

Kush Bhatia (25B) and Maya Degnemark (25B), Indian Cultural Association presidents

Courtesy of Kush Bhatia and Maya Degnemark

“The Indian Cultural Association (ICA) was originally founded as the Indian Cultural Exchange (ICE) in 1989 as an organization for those of Indian origin, as well anyone who wants to learn about India culturally, socially, or philanthropically. ICA fosters a unified community by promoting conversation, advocacy, and cultural understanding.”

Avery Adelman (24C), Emory Hillel student president

Courtesy of Avery Adelman

“Programming at Emory Hillel reflects the interests of the students and often consists of themed weekly Shabbat dinners, a community with which to celebrate holidays, service opportunities, LGBTQ+ learning, among many other programs.”

Anusha Panjwani (24C) and Neha Murthy (24C), Hindu Students Association presidents

Courtesy of Anusha Panjwani and Neha Murthy

“The Hindu Students Association seeks to provide a means for Emory students to come together and learn about the Hindu religion, culture, and philosophy. We promote Hinduism through various events, such as Garba and Holi, which provide an open and friendly environment for people of all backgrounds to learn about our culture. As an organization, we are also strongly committed to interfaith and service initiatives both in the Emory and greater Atlanta community.”

Naji Algaal (24B), Muslim Student Association president

Courtesy of Naji Algaal

“The purpose of MSA is to foster a safe and welcoming environment for Muslim students at Emory. Where students from all backgrounds can celebrate their Islamic faith and traditions that they deem important.”

Alan Shnir (24Ox), Oxford Jewish Student Union president

The purpose of the Oxford Jewish Student Union is to provide a space at Oxford Emory for all Jewish students to practice their cultural and religious traditions. It also serves as an organization that serves the broader Oxford student population by creating a space for all students to be a part of activities that serve the whole campus.”

Nick Chang (24C), Emory Ecological Society founder

Courtesy of Nick Chang

“The Emory Ecological Society is Emory’s chapter of the Ecological Society of America’s SEEDS program. We serve as a student-led ecological research, restoration, advocacy, and outreach group, and offer a wide range of activities and opportunities for involvement.”

Alex Valdivia (25C), Outdoor Emory president

Courtesy of Alex Valdivia

“Outdoor Emory provides affordable access to the outdoors for all Emory students. We send out an average of two trips per week, with activities ranging from backpacking to caving to whitewater rafting, all led by our internally trained student trip leaders.”

Sarah Bekele (24C), Volunteer Emory president

Courtesy of Sarah Bekele

Volunteer Emory is a student-led organization run by the Center for Civic and Community Engagement (CCE). As a group, we aim to help students pop the “Emory bubble” by helping facilitate opportunities for students to interact with the Atlanta community and other communities in the South Eastern United States.”

Trisha Sengupta (24C), chief of Emory Emergency Medical Services

Courtesy of Trisha Sengupta

“The mission of EEMS is to provide timely, high quality patient care to the Emory community and its surrounding areas. During the school year, we are in service 24/7 and respond to 911 calls at Emory and around. In addition, we also do medical standby at various Emory events such as the SPC concerts and Commencement.”

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