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Emory’s unclear COVID-19 policies are undermining themselves

(The Emory Wheel/Gabriella Lewis) Up to this point, the objective of Emory’s COVID-19 rules has been clear. In the beginning, the goal was to “flatten the curve” of cases and hospitalizations. As the fall 2020 semester approached, cases overwhelmed hospitals nationwide, causing thousands of deaths. Emory implemented a mask mandate, kept classes online, restricted gatherings [...]

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President Biden is wrong to withdraw troops from Afghanistan

(Wikimedia Commons/Zoozaz1) Crowds of people in front of Kabul airport, trying to travel abroad. Throughout history, the achievements of certain American presidents have been overshadowed by scandals or catastrophic policy mistakes. Bill Clinton may have brokered peace between Israel and Jordan, but he is remembered for his affair with Monica Lewinsky. George W. Bush may [...]

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Originality is overrated.

(Pixabay/ColiN00B) I’ve spent my life chasing originality — I’m obsessed with it. Originality is difficult to define, but for now I believe it can be anything that is created or recreated, so long that it encapsulates part of who you are.  I know I’m not alone in feeling stressed, motivated by the thought that being [...]

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